In this guide we will explain what you must do to beat Akali or rather counter it. The first thing is important is that they know well the functioning and weaknesses of Akali, so that you can take advantage of it and take advantage of it easily.

General tips for countering Akali

  • Akali is very weak in the first levels, however you must be careful with trades, as Akali with Q + basic attack inflicts a lot of damage.
  • Akali has a hard time pharming in the early game. You can take advantage as long as she is not level 6 and deny her a lot of farm. If you are a mid magician you will be very easy that task.
  • Avoid getting too close to Akali in level 2. Since Akali can raise the E and get close to you with that ability and if you have the mark it will do you a pretty explosive damage putting you to play defensive and her taking advantage.
  • Akali counter champions

    These next champions can be very easy when it comes to beating an Akali. I recommend them if you want to finish off this champion and save your game.



    This champion is one of the best to finish off Akali. Swain’s skills help counteract Akali’s ability (W), which is his Q and W. Swain may possess magic resistance items helping Akali not to beat him.


    The champion Annie is also good against Akali, as her (Q) pokeo and good passive frustrate Akali, too, Annie with her R and her W can harm Akali even though she is hiding with her invisibility. Annie in general has a lot of advantage, as she can farmear easy, from which Akali at first has a lot of difficulty.


    Garen can silence Akali by preventing her from using her skills with her Decisive Strike (Q). Garen possesses good abilities to stop Akali with her ability, such as her (E) Judgment, which can be used while in her invisibility.


    MalzaharMalzahar can silence Akali with his Q, release the Angendros from the void combined with the E and ulte her along with the ignite, only with that you would defeat Akali very easily and without even this can react to defend or escape, not to mention that in the first levels Akali has a lot of difficulty pharming and Malzahar can clear the waves quickly, forcing her to pharm in her tower, thus making her lose a very considerable amount of minions.

    Recommended spells against Akali

    I recommend Barrier, Flash and Extinction against Akali.

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