Alistar is one of the most annoying and hardest champions of the Bot line; in fact this support can run its adc if you don’t play it well, so today we’ll show you some tips and advice on how to counter an Alistar.

The first thing to keep in mind is that this powerful support can take a lot of damage; besides, its abilities can make you a very easy target for the enemy team, so the best thing you can do in case you’re the adc; it’s to wear it out at a distance every time you get a chance, but if the time comes to fight you should ignore it and concentrate on softer targets like the enemy adc.

In case you are a supporter you will have two options; take care of your shooter enough so that Alistar can’t do anything, or annoy the enemy adc more than they annoy yours. If you have no idea how to do this I recommend the following champions, which have a clear advantage over this support.

Champions to counter an Alistar

When you are confronted on the bot line against an Alistar; you can be a shooter or other support, so I will show you two options for both roles. Which will help you to make it counter to enlist easily.


Tristana can keep an Alistar at bay due to its great attacking distance, which increases each time it rises in level thanks to its passive «accurate shot», which allows it to cause quite a bit of damage without it being able to touch it. In addition, his «W» called «missile jump» allows him to escape, enter or position himself in the way that suits him best. Either to avoid support or focus on the enemy adc.


This cue ball does not have the same sad distance; but it can also cause a lot of damage to Alistar with three simple attacks, since the «W» known as «silver projectiles» causes real damage. No matter how much tank the enemy is, Vayne can force him to retreat or kill him if he doesn’t keep his distance. It also has its «Q» called «pirouette» which will give it a better positioning; added to this is its «E» known as «condemnation» that launches a projectile pushing an enemy, with this and good reflexes you will avoid that any Alistar can bother you.


Not all the games in which you face an Alistar you will be able to play them as adc; when you touch support you will have to look for the way of counter to Alistar and with Janna you can do it, with a good «Q» you will be able to raise as much to the enemy support as to the adc. But the most important thing is its «E» which offers a shield to your shooter, which will give him the damage and resistance necessary for the confrontation. Finally his «R» you can use it for these fights that do not go well, pushing the enemies and healing your ADC.


With Morgana it should be easy to win the bot line; as her powers are the most annoying for an Alistar, with her «Q» combined with the «W» you will be able to annoy the enemy ADC very much and wear it out, but you also have her «E» which can make your shooter immune from any power. He’ll ignore Alistar completely and focus on destroying the softest targets.

Items (Objects) that make Alistar counter

Alistar is a very tank champion; which means he will take a lot of damage protecting his adc and the other members of the team, so always try to focus on the more fragile members of the enemy team. A very good tip would be that when you see Alistar throw his definitive «R»; the best thing to do would be to go back and wait for its effect to end, you can also arm yourself with the following items. They will give you an advantage against this powerful support.

Sword of the Ruined King

An excellent choice for any shooter whose enemy is an Alistar, as it offers a good sustain and also causes additional damage to all other enemies you attack.

Memories of Lord Dominik

If the enemy is a tank and it is at a starting point; it starts to get a lot of armor, it is almost obligatory Lord Dominik; who will give you the penetration and that increase of damage that you need so much to eliminate any enemy.

Liandry’s Torment and Rylai’s Crystal Scepter

This is not recommended for a support; it is preferable to arm depending on how the game goes, however if you are a central line wizard and you want to damage very tank champions like Alistar; this combination of items will help you.

The best spells against an Alistar

Since Alistar won’t be your main target; you don’t need to have a specific summoner spell for it, so choose the ones you normally use on the bot line. Either for adc or for support.

I recommend the following guide:

If you find Alistar annoyed by his stamina, you may want to see another guide to a champion with much more stamina and just as annoying, but the top line known as Atroxx.


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