Amumu is a very popular jungle, especially in low leagues such as silver or bronze, as it greatly helps his teammates when starting a team fight, with his «Q» known as «throwing bandages» is thrown at their enemies and if they are grouped will use his final «curse of the mummy sad. Which will immobilize all champions within the area of power; giving teammates a chance to eliminate the opposing team.

Many people see Amumu as an indestructible jungle tank; but the truth is this is not so, if you want to counter an Amumu you just have to be clear about the following; the moments of glory of an Amumu are when they start the team fight, since he needs his companions to be able to cause damage. If you want to counter it you should look at the early stage 1 vs 1 matches, where you will have the advantage in most cases.

Champions who counter an Amumu

If you see an Amumu in the selection of champions and you want to make it direct counter; you only have to choose a champion that does a lot of damage in a short time, a good example of this would be the following champions that will be shown next.


With this dragon you can make the jungle easy and eliminate any wild mummy that you find; Amumu is an easy prey for Shyvana since basically he can not face in a versus against her, the best thing of all is that thanks to the «W» of this champion, «burned», he will be almost impossible to escape. Every time you see the mummy alone, take advantage to face death in a 1 vs 1, that if verifying that they have the same levels …

Lee Sin

If Shyvana is a very easy option and you like to show your skills, Lee Sin could be another option, with which you can eliminate the mummy easily, obviously if you can move your fingers, to get the maximum potential of this great fighter.


The jungle can be played in different ways; one of those serious forms with a style similar to chess, where every decision and movement directly influence the game. Shaco is one of those champions that will allow you to humiliate any Amumu; to fidearte so much that you would humiliate even his team, of course if you dominate the champion and prevent the movements of the opposite jungle.


This is one of my favorite options for countering an Amumu; Evelynn having a passive that allows her to be invisible, can in most cases invade or even harass the enemy jungle to the point of leaving afk. A few wards, a good positioning and being attentive to the mini-map is what you need to exploit the mummy as many times as necessary.

With these champions you will win in most cases a clash against Amumu ; of course, if he overtakes you for some reason that advantage is lost little by little, always remember to look for the combats 1 vs 1, If otherwise a team fight is formed, warn your teammates to keep separate from each other so that the final Amumu does not cause so many problems.

Items (Objects) that make Amumu counter

If you are wondering how to arm yourself against an Amumu; I will tell you that the best way is to arm yourself with the standard build of the champion you have chosen, it is not necessary to arm yourself with a specific object against this jungle. Remember that your mission will focus on looking for «1 vs 1» fights in the first levels; with this you will get enough advantage, also after a certain time the mummy must be ignored, because it will become a big tank and the best thing you can do is look for softer targets.

The best spells against an Amumu

Choose the typical combination of summoner spells you use in your line or in the jungle; you don’t need to choose anything special against an Amumu.

I recommend the following guides

If this guide helped you or solved your doubts to face an Amumu; you probably want to learn how to count other champions like for example Kayno Yasuo, I also invite you to leave in the comments your techniques of how to count an enemy jungle; either invading or flaming like the Pros!


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