Of the champions that are played in Mid; one of the least used is Aurelion Sol, in fact there are few people who use it; since its style of play is quite complicated, but those people who manage to dominate it become real unstoppable beasts; they can easily race their games. For this reason today we bring you some recommendations that will help you to count an Aurelion Sol.

When you face an Aurelion Sol; the most important thing is your positioning during the fight, so it is advisable to use champions who have good mobility or powers that allow them to move from one point to another. Whether it’s to attack or to retreat at one point in the battle, a good example of this are the following characters.

Counter Champions of Aurelion Sol

If in the selection of champions you see an Aurelion Sol, you should choose one of these characters, to have a considerable advantage and win not only your line but also the game.


Let’s start with this killer and the main terror for an Aurelion Sun; the ninja known as Zed, has a brutal advantage against this celestial dragon; as his abilities allow him to attack from different positions, both at a distance and hand-to-hand. At the beginning of the game you will have the advantage thanks to his shadow «W» and after that you will have more advantage with his definitive «R». So if you like physical damage killers this is the best option.


If you don’t like to play with Zed you could choose a Fizz; another champion that makes people who play with Aurelion Sol tremble, as this small fish is very difficult to focus on when it is throwing with its «Q» or is jumping from one side to the other with its «E». It can also cause a lot of damage in a short time with its definite; no doubt Zed and Fizz are the best options against Aurelion Sol on the Mid line.


With the 9 tailed bitch you can pharm and win most of the fights in Mid; but your moment of glory will be when you reach level 6 and get his final, which will give him the mobility necessary to finish off the star forger. Jumping from one side to the other and using his combination of powers, Aurelio Son can do nothing but try to escape or die in your hands.


If you are not one of the people who move from one side to the other; or you do not handle the previous champions, a Malzahar could be your solution. Although he doesn’t have powers that allow him to go from one side to the other, he only needs to get close enough to rank the enemy and with a good combo wipe him off the map. In fact this task can become easier; if you ask for a little help from your jungle, to leave it immobile with your tool and facilitate the ganks.

So remember that if you want to win your line; positioning will be essential, with these champions you will have a clear advantage when facing that annoying dragon; you could also arm yourself with some of the following items to have even more advantage.

Items (Objects) that make Aurelion Sol counter

Aurelion Sol will do a lot of damage to people who stand at the same point, so you have to be very careful with that, but calm with these items you could get the lead and win the line phase. As long as you don’t give your opponent the advantage.


League of Legends objects

A good starting item if you’re thinking of playing with a Physical Damage Killer; such as Zed could be, as it deals damage and its passive falls pretty well when it comes to dealing magic damage to an enemy.

Filo de la noche

With the Night’s Edge you can block the effects of an enemy skill on you; just like the Sorbechizos is used by characters with physical damage. But remember that in a game you face 5 people, so don’t just arm yourself with magic resistance, because you can lose the game by not armoring well.

Banshee and Yelmoo Adaptable Veil

League of Legends objectsLeague of LegendsobjectsThese are other excellent options against any magician on the Mid line; the Banshee Veil and Adaptive Helmet offer the passive means of reducing the first magic damage the enemy does to you. Something that can make the difference between living and dying; when facing a fideado Aurelion Sol, you just have to choose the option that suits you best.

The best spells against an Aurelion Sol

If you’re in the Mid line with the champions mentioned above, it’s best to use the Ignition and Flash spell, which are the standard spells for an assassin, but as we always recommend, go with the spells you’re most comfortable with.

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