The globetrotting guardian also known as Bardo; it’s one of the most annoying supports you can face in the Bot line, as it has a power kit that offers protection to its shooter; like the ability to annoy the opposite, this champion in the hands of an expert can make you lose in a humiliating way, but don’t worry; we’ll give you some tips and advice to counter a Bardo.

Tips for playing against a Bardo

  • Sometimes Bardo will have to pick up the bells «known as Meeps» found on the map; he takes advantage of this moment to attack his companion.
  • You can go through their «E» known as «mystical journeys», but you should only do so when it is prudent.
  • The definitive Bardo affects allies as enemies; so sometimes you can be favorable for your team.
  • Avoid grouping; so that your final does not harm all the team.
  • Try to be very attentive when Bardo goes out to look for the Meeps; since that will be the best time to kill his shooter, if you have a lot of problems when facing this character I recommend the following champions.

    Counter champions of a Bardo

    With these champions you will obtain in most cases the victory in the Bot line; since they are solid characters that can support the abilities of a Bardo and look for fights constantly, in addition they are a nightmare for any shooter that is only without his support.


    With only the presence of a Lioness; the Bot line must play defensively, as a Bardo does not have the ability to remove this support from his shooter, in fact if you make good decisions when entering a fight, most likely your shooter can attack quietly while you cause panic to enemies.


    You could also choose a Tresh; which like Leona could wreak havoc on the bot line, obviously focusing on the shooter and not on Bardo. This way he will be forced to defend his partner; leaving yours enough time to kill your enemies.


    If you don’t want to think and you just want to be carted choose a Blitzcrank; with just a few good hooks you can help not only your shooter but also your team, this option is viable as long as the enemy shooter is not a Sivir; so take advantage of this character every time you have a chance.


    If you’re on the Bot line but you’re the shooter of your team, choose Draven; one of the few shooters who can keep his enemies at bay, whenever you feel the bard approaching to bother; hit him one or two axes, and you’ll notice the instant he thinks twice next time.

    These champions are so effective that probably no Bardo will leave his partner alone; but if this happens, he punishes his shooter as much as he can; either by killing him or pushing the line as much as possible.

    Items (Objects) that counter a Bardo

    If you plan to assemble items just to counter a Bardo you’ll lose your game; the best thing to do is to arm yourself in the standard way your champion uses, however; if you use one of the supports mentioned above, you could try the next one:

    Mountain Face

    This object does not counter as such to a Bardo; however combined with the supports that were mentioned previously, you will obtain a clearer advantage that will help you to offer more shield; as much for you as for your ally in the moment that is necessary.

    The best spells against a Bardo

    The best you can choose are the standard spells used in the lower lane, healing if you are the shooter and exhaustion if you are the support.

    counter a Aatrox

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