One of the characters that can make your team flam you so feed you is Blitzcrank; if the person who uses it knows how to connect the hooks well you will have a pretty bad time, which can cause a few unwanted comments from your colleagues, but do not worry, today we will explain how to counter a Blitzcrank and not die in the attempt.

Tips for playing against a Blitzcrank

  • You have to stay behind the minions to be safe.
  • Be careful with the combination «Q – E – R» which can make you suffer a lot.
  • Watch the champion’s mana; to know when to play defensively or offensively.
  • The great steam gólem can be a terrible opponent if you can’t dodge its hooks; so if you’re not good at moving around, use your minions as your first line of defense, you can also choose the next champions who are direct counter of a Blitzcrank.

    Counter champions of a Blitzcrank

    If you choose any of these characters, you’ll make a direct counter to Blitzcrank, to the point that he probably won’t try to throw his hooks. It would be very unfavourable for both him and his shooter.


    Alistar is Blizcrank’s main counter; in fact if you play this champion you’ll want to be pulled by its hooks, as it will be the perfect opportunity to use your combination of «Q» and «W»; it will allow you to throw wherever you want the enemy and compromise their position, in fact; if the occasion warrants it you can also do it with the shooter, which will give you a monstrous advantage when fighting on the bottom line.


    If you choose this champion blitzcrank must at all costs avoid using his «Q» on you, because Leona is a support that can annul any shooter, and if Blitzcrank accidentally pull a lioness, his shooter would pay the consequences. Usually when you select Leona and the enemy team there is a Blitzcrank; soon after you can see toxic comments from enemy players, obviously in the lower leagues.


    If you don’t like the tactic of letting yourself be pulled by Blitzcrank’s «Q»; you could use a morgana, which can avoid the hook effect with her «E» shield to protect herself and her shooter. Which makes it an excellent idea if you didn’t like the previous champions.


    If you go against a Blitzcrank and are the shooter; you could choose to sivir, which has a special skill called «Shield of Spells», which will prevent any skill being thrown at this shooter; including the annoying hook of this steam gólem, however; you must have good reflexes.

    With these champions you’ll be more than relaxed when playing against that robot’s hooks; obviously you must also be attentive to the enemy shooter, so you must always be attentive.

    Items (Objects) that counter aBlitzcrank

    Now I will show you some objects that can be useful in your game against Blitzcrank; but I remind you that they are occasional objects and that they should only be chosen if you really consider that they are necessary.

    Banshee and Yelmoo Adaptable Veil

    League of Legendsobjects League of LegendsIf at any point in the game; blitzcrank becomes a nuisance, you could choose one of these items, which offer a shield that will avoid the effects of the Blizcrank hook. This way you will be able to avoid one or the other hook that gets hit; but the most important thing is that you would stop being the main target in a certain way. Remember Banshee for magic damage characters and Yelmoo for AD damage.

    The best spells against a Blitzcrank

    Against a blizcrank it is not necessary to choose a specific spell combination; so use the basic spells that are used in the bot line, healing if you are the shooter and exhaustion if you are the support.

    counter a Aatrox

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