Fiery revenge also known as Brand; it is one of the best options for getting out of low leagues like bronze or silver, as their skills can easily wipe out a team or do them enough damage to make them retreat. If in the central line you find this champion do not worry, because today you will learn how to counter a Brand with the different tips and advice you will see below.

Tips for playing against a Brand

  • Brand’s passive is excellent against teams that play very close together; be sure to keep a safe distance with the team.
  • Brand’s definitive can wreak havoc if you and your classmates don’t react in time.
  • In order for this champion to start his power combination, he’ll have to hit the first skill; so he chooses champions with a lot of mobility, both in and out.
  • Always keep in mind that Brand’s skills can be used in different ways, allowing him to respond to any situation in the best way, using champions who are resistant to magic or have good mobility, will be the best options against this character.

    Counter champions of a Brand

    These champions will help you win the Mid line against any Brand, but I warn you that this will not ensure the game and much less the team fights, as the moment of glory of a Brand is when the Team Fights start, so stay alert at all times and do not rely on much advantage you have gained.


    With Kassadin you can make a direct counter on Brand, because he has certain skills that give him a ridiculous advantage over this champion, his first defense would be his passive, which gives magical resistance, in addition to this is his «Q» which also offers a shield that absorbs part of the magical damage he receives. And last but not least his definitive one; which allows him to enter or leave at the moment that is necessary, basically he has everything to countear to a Brand.


    This champion is an unstoppable colossus; with a lot of life and magic resistance that make it a hard nut to gnaw on, it also has a definitive one that will allow it to enter or start fights as it suits it best; if you make good decisions Brand will not be able to take advantage of its power.


    The advantage that this character has in contrast to the previous ones is its great mobility and the ability to change places, something that would complicate Brand’s existence to be able to hit any of his powers, if you have good reflexes and skill with this character you can win the line easily, however, remember that you must eliminate it instantly every time you see that a team fight is formed.


    Zed is an excellent choice for his skill kit and movement, but if you want a version of magic damage you can choose Fizz, this fish can be just as terrible as any of the above thanks to his «Q» and «E» which allows him to enter to do damage, or flee when it suits him.

    If you choose champions like Kassadin or Galio, you must constantly look for one-on-one fights to exchange damage, since in most cases you will be victorious, but in the case of Zed or Fizz style champions; it is best to do as much damage as possible taking advantage of mobility to avoid damage and avoid powers.

    Items that counter a Brand

    If the game becomes difficult or you want to have an extra advantage; don’t hesitate to arm yourself with the following objects, which are a great option against Brand:

    Mercury Boots

    League of Legends objects

    Mercury Boots will give you a bit of magic resistance; but they will also reduce the duration of stuns by 30%, which will help you a bit against Brand’s stun.


    League of Legends objects

    If you are a physical damage killer you should start with this object, which will give you additional protection with its shield, which absorbs a percentage of magic damage enough to get out alive from a combo of fiery vengeance.

    Banshee Veil

    League of LegendsOther object that would protect you from Brand’s stunning; it would be the Banshee veil, which grants a shield of spells that blocks the first enemy ability. This will take great care against this character’s abilities and combinations.

    Adaptable helmet

    League of Legends objects

    As with the Banshee Veil, the Adaptive Helmet will offer protection, with a shield that avoids the first skill you reach; obviously you will have to choose the one that suits you best depending on your character and those of the enemy team.

    The best spells against a Brand

    Too bad there is no summoner spell with the water element; it would be the best option against a Brand, but as there is no such alternative you must choose the typical spells that are used in Mid, or with which you feel more comfortable.

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