The Heart of the Fréljord is one of the most important supports for your team; since it can collaborate a lot with your passive, to wreak havoc in team fights. Added to that is his shield; which can prevent you from touching his shooter if you don’t have a previous strategy before throwing yourself, last but not least is his definitive one; which lifts you up and creates a considerable slowdown zone, which if thrown at the right time can sell to all your teammates. But don’t worry; here we’ll explain everything you need to counter a Braun.

Tips for playing against a Braum

  • If Braum hits you, his mark will be activated; the best thing you can do is move away until the effect wears off, to avoid stun.
  • Braum’s shield; he can only defend from a specific direction, so he tries to flank him.
  • Take care of the combination Braum and Lucian, as these two champions complement each other thanks to their passives.
  • Braum has the ability to throw himself towards his allies; added to this he has his great shield, which allows him at all times to defend his companions, the best way to face him is to wear him down little by little. Using magic and spells constantly; if you use supports that can use abilities at a distance it would be perfect, so I’ll leave you some champions that are recommended against a Braum.

    Braum counter champions

    With this group of brackets; you should have a guaranteed victory on the Bot line, as long as your bracket is left running…


    With this champion you will make life impossible for poor Braum; basically you will be able to counter everything from making his passive useless; thanks to Morgana’s «E», to wearing down his life little by little with the combination of «Q» and «W». Undoubtedly the best option against a Braum.


    With Zyra you can keep Braum and his shooter at bay; with the intense harassment you can generate with his powers, if you have dominion with this champion you can do a lot of damage without pushear your line, which will eventually cause your enemies to lose level and gold.


    Like Zyra, this champion will be able to harass her enemies from a distance, as she has a fairly powerful skill kit. The only disadvantage of these «Zyra and Karma» supports is that they annoy their enemies so much; they are usually always harassed by the enemy jungle.


    Unlike Karma and Zyra, Lulu will not be able to lower Braum’s life with his powers, but he will be able to annul his defense; as long as you have enough reflexes to use your «W» and turn it into a small animal. What will basically leave him and his shooter helpless, is advisable if you know how to use this champion a lot.

    With these champions you’ll have a good advantage; Braum probably won’t want to defend his shooter at all times in order to keep his life, as the harassment offered by these champions is quite strong; I also recommend that you arm one or the other object to get more advantage in your line.

    Items (Objects) that counter a Braum

    These items will help you gain a little more advantage when fighting a Braum, however, remember that you must arm yourself to fight an entire enemy team, do not concentrate only on arming against a support. Keep that in mind throughout the game; these are the items I recommend.

    Proclamation of the Ice King

    It is a mandatory option; if you choose one of the above mentioned champions, as such it does not counter Braum. But if you combine it with a support like «Morgana, Zyra, Karma or Lulu» they will have the skill power and mana regeneration needed to annoy enemies.

    Mikael Crucible

    This item can counter Braum; if you know how to use it at the right time, as it can prevent the stunning of its passive in your companions. When you see the mark of Braum you only have to be very attentive to the last hit; to use this object and remove any effect on your allies, something that can be the difference between living or dying.

    The best spells against a Braum

    Use the typical options that are played in the lower lane ; healing if you are the shooter and exhaustion if you are the support.

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