This champion named Caitlyn is a nuisance, as she has a wide range of basic attacks, as well as her powerful skills. Caitlyn is one of the best ADCs in the League of Legends, becoming very popular in the game for her ease of positioning with this champion. Now I want you to follow in the footsteps of this guide, to end up with Caitlyn with ease.

Tips for countering Caitlyn

  • Use champions with high attack range
  • Try to get the best advantage against her in farm
  • That the team has champions with CC to be able to reach it easily
  • Beware of her attacks from behind the walls (Since she has good range)
  • Caitlyn counter champions


    Sivir’s skills are way ahead of Caitlyn. This champion has good pokeo with her skills (Q) Boomerang Blade and (E) Bounce. Sivir is one of the champions who has his own protection as a skill, when I talk about his own protection I give as an example the ultimate Caitlyn or some other skill that will affect him. Sivir with a «support» that has CC or a gank that realizes its «jungle» with some ability of CC, she only activates her R and they can finish with Caitlyn easily without escape.


    This is another champion with good reach and a great lately that when you get to hit traps your target. Varus is highly recommended to finish off Caitlyn, as this is very complete against her. This pokea with his (Q) Penetrating Arrow and attacks Caitlyn to wear it out and thus be able to launch his final skill, to finish her very easily.


    This champion annoys Caitlyn quite a bit, you just have to wait for the right moment to catch her. The combo I recommend with Leona is to wait for Caitlyn on a bush and paste the skill (Q) Dawn Shield and immediately the last one. If Caitlyn is saved from it, Leona has loaded her ability (E) Zenith Sword to catch her again and make her a new combo.


    This champion has good skills and a good passive to finish off Caitlyn. Braum can save his ally from Caitlyn’s ulti with his unbreakable ability (E) or any critical attack from any of Caitlyn’s traps. Braum is the support I suggest the most to end Caitlyn for his CC and the great protection he gives to his ally ADC.

    Caitlyn counter

    Items (Objects)

    Most recommended items are:



    This item has to be thrown when Caitlyn is lucky to fire his shot, not when Caitlyn is aiming his last if it does not happen that his final skill is regenerated again. It can also be used when you step on a trap and you are almost lifeless and it is within range of the critical shot.

    Death Fairy Veil

    objetos League of Legends

    It makes the champion immune only once to Caitlyn’s abilities as sutrampa or his R. This item will help you keep pace without being neutralized by any Caitlyn trap. (This item can only catch one trap)

    Thorn Mesh

    This item has to be quickly armed by the tanks. Caitlyn is a champion who attacks from a good rank and this item can hurt her while they catch her.

    Caitlyn counter spells

    If you are a body to body support I recommend Extenuation, if the allied ADC has CC you can use ignite.

    The barrier can save you from Caitlyn’s R, if you have the right percentage of life.

    Recommended guidelines for countering other champions