Cassiopeia also known as The Serpent’s Embrace; she is an incredible champion when it comes to division raising, in fact the world champion in League of Legends «Faker» uses her, as she possesses quite interesting skills; they can generate different opportunities when it comes to playing, both in one-on-one clashes and in team battles. Basically it has it all and if you want to counter a Cassiopeia, here you’ll get all the information you need to beat it «as long as it doesn’t touch you against Faker».

Tips for playing against Cassiopeia

  • If you are poisoned be careful with his «Double Fang» skill which can do you a lot of damage.
  • The last of Cassiopeia can slow down if you turn your back on it or stun if you look at it from the front, so you should be very careful when entering or exiting a confrontation.
  • If he loses his Sparkle summoner spell, take advantage of the moment to throw yourself and attack with everything.
  • Note that Cassiopeia has a passive that allows you to get movement speed according to your level, but this does not allow you to buy boots, that means you can use that space to equip another object which allows you to have a lot of damage unlike other characters, if you want to have more opportunity use the following characters.

    Counter Champions of a Cassiopeia

    Cassiopeia can cause a lot of damage in an instant and keep a relatively safe distance, so it would be advisable to use champions who can throw themselves at her and return the damage, or use characters who can attack from a distance, these champions will bring you certain benefits against this snake.


    With this colossus you will be able to be calm at the time of facing Cassiopeia; since it will be enough complicated for that champion to lower all your life, but also your abilities will allow you to win the majority of the confrontations. Whether it’s attacking little by little at a distance with your «Q» or throwing yourself to death with your «E» you shouldn’t have any trouble winning.


    Using Diana you could also win the Mid line; wearing out little by little with your «Q» and at the moment you consider it opportune to use your definitive one, in this way to end the life of the snake in the simplest way possible. Although you must know when to seek or avoid fights, to prevent Cassiopeia get any advantage or recover from the beating you will give.


    This character easily wins her line; but unlike the characters mentioned above, it is necessary to have more skill and control with her powers. Leblanc isn’t an easy champion to use, but if you master her well, you’ll be able to get in and out as many times as you need to kill your enemy.


    If you don’t like the champions named above; you could use lux and fight from a distance, maximizing your «E» from the beginning you can do a lot of damage to your enemy without needing to get close. However, if at any time you plan to trade damage with the snake, remember to use your «W» to mitigate as much damage as possible.

    Cassiopeia can be lethal and do a lot of damage in an instant, so stay alert to avoid it, if you think it will approach to attack you; prepare to escape or enter with everything. But don’t let life take you down without some kind of punishment; or you’ll lose the line in the long run.

    Items (Objects) that make you countera Cassiopeia

    At the beginning of the game, it’s best to arm yourself with the essential items your champion needs, but if at any point in the game the snake becomes a powerful cobra, think about arming yourself with one of the following items.

    Mercury Boots

    League of Legends objects

    Mercury Boots will give you some magic resistance; they will also help you with the slowdowns and stunnings that the snake can do to you, so it wouldn’t be wrong to do them to you.


    If your character is a physical damage character you should start with this object, which will give you additional protection with its shield, which absorbs a percentage of magic damage enough to get out of a Cassiopeia combo alive.

    Banshee Veil

    League of LegendsOther way to complicate Cassiopeia’s life is with this object; which offers you a shield that disables the next skill you are thrown, however this object is recommended if you are also a magical damage character.

    Adaptable helmet

    League of Legends objects

    As with the Banshee Veil, the Adaptive Helmet will offer protection, with a shield that avoids the first skill that reaches you; this is the best option if your character is physically damaged, as you will get more life and magic resistance.

    The best spells against a Cassiopeia

    As Cassiopeia is a champion of the Mid line, it is best to use the standard spells that are used such as Ignition and Sparkle, but it is always advisable to choose the spells with which you feel more comfortable.

    I recommend the following guides:

    Surely this snake is not the only champion you want to counter; I invite you to see other champions who are quite annoying on the Mid line, so that you are ready at all times to play your rankeds.