Here I’ll show you how to counter Cho’gath. This champion has a good damage and also a great stamina that can carrear a very easy game. Cho’gath annoys quite a lot in the game, as he has CC in his Q and silence in his E. He also has a big R that brings in that ability real damage that from a bite can kill any champion who is under 30% of his life. But here I’ll show you how to end the great Cho’gath.

Tips for dealing with Cho’gath

  • Use champions of mobility and pokeo, since Cho’gath is very slow and body to body.
  • Beware of his Q if you are paper, as it does a lot of damage and slows you down, which gives him the chance to catch you and kill you.
  • Arm yourself lethality and penetration against this one, since it endures a lot with the build that is usually armed Cho’gath and with its escalation of life.
  • Keep a good position so he doesn’t catch you with his Q or his E.

Cho’gath counter champions

The following champions are the most recommended when it comes to countering Cho’gath, as they possess good skills that can facilitate a confrontation against him.


This champion and her great pokeo can easily beat Cho’gath in top and mid. Kayle has good neutralization and long-distance attacking skills which helps her a lot in a confrontation against him. Kayle also has a great utimate that if used at the right time can avoid dying with the R of Cho’gath when this cast.


As we know Vayne kills tanks and that helps a lot in countering Cho’gath. Also, Vayne has mobility, attack damage at a distance and the E that drives away the targets she laces to them to launch that ability. This means that Vayne is a pretty good champion against Cho’gath, you just have to have a good position and attack mercilessly.


Thanks to the healings that this champion possesses it is very good to use it against Cho’gath. Also Trundle possesses neutralization and speed of movement which annoys Cho’gath very much in the line. Cho’gath’s Utimate will not be necessary against Trundle, as this can be cured enough when Cho’gath tries to throw his R.

Lee Sin

Lee Sin can bring out Cho’gath with his utimate when Cho’gath approaches him or his ally to eat with his R. Lee Sin also has a big advantage against Cho’gath in the jungle, as he can steal their targets. Lee Sin takes advantage of Cho’gath’s greatness to kick him against the papers and do a lot of damage.

items (Objects) counter de Cho’gath

The following objects have to be used in the game to resist a Cho’gath.

Spiritual Face

This item increases the cure received by 30%. The champions body to body with robbery of life can obtain this item, since when they are cured they have a 30% more of that healing giving this object enough advantage against Cho’gath so that this one cannot finish you with a very easy utimate.

Memories of Lord Dominik

This object is good for killing tanks. As we know this item causes more damage to the champions that have more life than the one that owns it, being this a good object against Cho’gath, since Cho’gath is a champion that climbs with a lot of life. It is highly recommended to counter Cho’gath.

Mercury Fajin

This item removes all weak points. When Cho’gath hits a Q this item can save you from that CC to get out of there and prevent Cho’gath’s team or Cho’gath from killing you himself. This item is highly recommended to get out in case of that situation you are in when you face Cho’gath. (So I recommend it to you)

Cho’gath counter spells

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