How to counter an ashe. If you want to counter the ice archer you arrived at the right place, because here you will find everything you need to face an Ashe in the line of Bot, although beating this champion is not usually difficult. Her mobility is quite limited and she will depend a lot on her support in order to survive.

If you want to be calm on the Bot line, choose or ask your partner for a stunned support; a good example would be Braum or Leona, the latter being a real nightmare for Ashe. If you are the shooter of your team, it is recommended to choose an Adcarry with good mobility; that allow you to escape or follow your victim at will, as could be the following shooters.

Counter Champions of an Ashe

By choosing any of these shooters you will be able to win easily in the Bot line; since mobility is the key to win the confrontations against an Ashe, obviously if the opposite support allows it…


Facing an Ezreal can be quite difficult for an Ashe, as the abilities of this champion allow him to cause damage from a safe place, in addition his «E» called «arcane alteration» allows him to move away or approach his rival when necessary, it is also an excellent way to dodge the ultimate Ashe.


If you don’t have good marksmanship with Ezreal’s «Q»; you might as well try a Corky, which has a pretty powerful skill kit; if you make good decisions by throwing your «W», it will be impossible for the archer to escape. However, don’t forget her protector, as good support can make it difficult for you.


The craziest shooter in Bot’s line doesn’t have the mobility that Ezreal or Corky have; but she does have a passive one that allows her to run quite well, although the truth is that what will cause the fear of any Ashe will be the ability to attack at a distance and her «fireman» traps, which can leave the archer trapped without the possibility of escaping.


Finally on this list of champions who counter an Ashe is Tristana, one of the most attacking shooters in the summoner’s crack. She will be able to attack from afar and use her «W» to blow up her opponent; an excellent option when it comes to going against an Ashe.

Items that counter an Ashe

Now I’ll show you the best items against an Ashe; but before you start consider the following, if you’re a standard form armate shooter and concentrate on pharming. This will give you the advantage you need; now if you are playing another role you can choose from the following items:

Presage of Randuin or Ice Heart

If you face a wild Ashe who doesn’t need to escape; because she gained a lot of advantage during the game, you will be able to choose one of these items. The omen of raduim and the heart of ice offer armor to withstand damage from the archer, but the important thing about these items is that they slow down their attacks, so keep them in mind in your next games. Obviously choose the one that suits you best, either for life or for the mana.

Mesh of thorns

A mandatory option when you face a shooter who is at his maximum power, is the height of thorn, which returns the damage received to enemies, basically the shooter, in this case the Ashe, will kill itself …

The best spells against an Ashe

Choose the typical options used in the lower lane; healing if you are the shooter and exhaustion if you are the support.

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