In this guide I will be showing you how to counter Nocturne. This League of Legends champion is quite good, as he has a great damage and an ultimate that can kill a very easy paper champion. This champion’s passive gives 120% attack damage to enemy champions and by healing, it also reduces their cooling with each attack. But in this guide I’ll give you a few tips and recommended champions to face Nocturne.

Tips for dealing with Nocturne

  • Don’t draw the line if you’re paper or not alone. Nocturne’s ultimate ability obscures the map and by clicking on the enemy he can reach it and damage it.
  • Use scrolling champions. This will avoid dodging the Nocturne Q and prevent you from completing your E.
  • Use good damage champions from basic attacks, to deal with it. Nocturne’s W ability can withstand the first ability he touches it, but having good damage from basic attacks this ability will not be feasible.
  • Nocturnal counter champions

    The following champions are the most recommended to face Nocturne.


    This champion has powerful basic attacks and excellent skills that can stand up to Nocturne. Udyr can destroy Nocturne in melee without much trouble, as his W allows him to absorb damage. Also the speed of attack and movement that this champion acquires is quite necessary to face Nocturne.


    This champion I recommend him but for only 3 things, his passive, his skill W and his ultimate. Olaf’s passive helps a close combat against any other champion, as he can increase his attack speed with % of life he lacks. Also the W skill of this one helps him to increase his healing and attack speed. Olaf’s ultimate is quite good against Nocturne’s E skill, as it immunizes him from CC.


    Shyvana’s abilities help her against Nocturne and also quite her passive. Shyvana’s passive helps her bonus her armor and magic resistance, giving this more stamina to Nocturne’s basic attack, which is a powerful attack of 120% damage. This champion’s passive increases her armor and stamina with each Dragon she kills.


    This champion and her ultimate ability makes a great counter to Nocturne’s ultimate ability, as she may be immune for a while. The ultimate of Xayah has to be thrown from when Nocturne marks it with his ultimate, in order to be successful. It is highly recommended as an ADC, as it can take care of Nocturne on its own.


    This is the most recommended support against Nocturne, as it has excellent skills against him. Rakan’s W and E ability allows him to approach his ally and protect him from any enemy attack. The W allows Rakan to throw himself into a marked area to throw his enemies into the air, this ability is very necessary when Nocturne throws his R.

    Items (objects) counter of Nocturne

    The following items have to be used against Nocturne to have a better confrontation.

    Mercury Fajin

    This object removes any weakness in which the possessor is found when activated. Nocturne’s ability E gives nightmare to the target in which it was launched, in order to take advantage of that moment and attack.


    This item allows the possessor to take a critical hit by -20%, also when activated slows the movement speed of nearby enemies. It is quite good for the Q and passive Nocturne ability.

    Night counter spells

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