In this guide I will be showing you how to counter Rumble. This League of Legends champion is pretty good against either melee champions or distance champions without mobility. Rumble and its ultimate annoys a lot when it becomes impossible for you to get out of that R in time, causing it to cause you a lot of damage or the death of your champion. Here I’ll be giving you a few tips and which champions to use when there’s a Rumble in the selection.

Tips for dealing with Rumble

  • Use champions with mobility
  • Don’t make him body to body in his R (try to get out fast)
  • Use champions with CC, since Rumble is slow so you can look for death in team
  • Arm yourself properly against it, items of magic resistance and mobility.
  • Rumble counter champions

    The following champions are the most recommended when it comes to finishing with Rumble. These champions have good skills against Rumble, as these champions some have mobility or can catch Rumble, to finish him very easy.


    This champion is highly recommended, as it has a great passive and is also tank nature that can finish very easily with Rumble. Volibear is also very good with his skills, as Rumble is slow and Volibear can reach him with his Q skill, to bring him closer to the allied team and kill him. Volibear can remove Rumble from his ally, when the ally burns him with his Q Spittle skill.


    Viktor has a good range of skills that end with Rumble very easy. This champion with his E and Q pockean Rumble, to wear it down and throw his R. Viktor also has a great skill that helps a lot the team that is his W. Since Rumble is slow it is very easy to catch him in this trap, to facilitate Rumble’s death.


    This champion also possesses a great ability that avoids the Rumble combo that is his great W. The Rumble combo is to throw his R and attack body to body with his Q Spit. Thanks to Yorick’s W he leaves Rumble trapped so he doesn’t cause damage with his combo. Yorick can take a lot of advantage of Rumble, as he is melee and has good damage and healing when he does damage with his Q. Yorick’s R helps a lot in damaging champions when they come face to face.


    This champion annoys Rumble, as she has very good skills against her. Ahri has a big E and a big Q that makes it easier for her to poke, because we know that Rumble is slow and she will never be able to be anything to this champion. When Ahri is in danger of Rumble’s ultimate she is just activating her R to the right zone to get out of that annoying Rumble R. Ahri with the help of his team can make Rumble disappear at once, as he can catch him very easily.

    Rumble counter items

    The following items have to be used against Rumble. (as long as the champions can use it)


    This item is the most powerful object against Rumble, as it saves the champion who owns it from his R. This item has to be used when you face Rumble and you are AP. (If you arm this first item I give you as advice to expect help and focus on pharming)

    Malmortius jaws

    Malmortius FoucesThis is another highly recommended item, as this item absorbs magic damage when your champion is below 30% of his life. This item can save you from the ultimate of Rumble, when you are on its R without having mobility.

    Relay Crystal Scepter

    Since we know Rumble is slow, this item will be able to neutralize Rumble’s feet to avoid damage to his Q. It is also very good at catching Rumble easily and killing him. It is highly recommended with Ahri, as it can slow him down and thus better target the following abilities.

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