In this guide I will be showing you how to counter Tristana. This champion is quite annoying if you can federate, is one of the most complete ADC because their skills help you enough to escape or kill any enemy very easily, but in League of Legends no champion is so complete when they face another champion with other spectacular skills.


  • Try not to fall behind with the farm
  • Try to have CC in the team
  • Use champions with mobility, to reach it from any escape
  • If Tristana is federated, use the appropriate items for the situation
  • Counter Champions of Tristana


    This champion can save the game of a fedeada Tristana. Diana is a champion who if she has good items can delete any champion who is paper, with her great power this champion will not let a Tristana do anything. She can wait for Tristana in the bush, and kill her without Tristana being able to do anything to survive. (If you go with Diana you have to have a lot of advantage in the line or if you go jungle campear a Tristana)


    If in Morgana’s team there is a good killer, this one puts the shield to that killer to avoid the ultimate of Tristana. Morgana also avoids the ulti of Tristana, this has as ability (Q) to catch in addition to its ultimate, not to let her escape from it. (I recommend Morgana support against a Tristana, as it does not let Tristana do something in the line)


    This great assassin, with a great ultimate with speed of movement and assault skill, can get to Tristana easily. This is the most recommended assassin to finish with this champion, since Talon has good damage to finish with any carry. (If you are MID Talon I recommend you to campear the line of Tristana, since this can go down quickly to the line where the champion is called Tristana)


    Very good ADC against Tristana is highly recommended. Xayah and his duo Rakan although it may also be Morgana support neutralize Tristana as if nothing. We already know that Tristana has escape but a Morgana (Q) or a fast Rakan (W) and (R) can combo a Tristana easily. Xayah has a good R, which traps opponents much better when they are trapped.

    Items (Objects) counter of Tristana

    The following items are the most recommended when dealing with a Tristana.

    Filo de la noche

    This item can be used by low-ranking killers or ADCs such as Graves, Vayne or Draven. This item when channeled for 1.5 sec makes the next skill do nothing to the possessor. Tristana when she has an enemy nearby pushes with her R, but thanks to this item, they will not move away any more if it is not cancelled by another ability.

    Heart of ice

    This other item is highly recommended for tanks. Tristana has a lot of attack speed, but thanks to this item it will be reduced to 15%.

    Banshee Veil

    League of Legends objects

    Velo is the same as Filo but does its job on champions who have AP skills. This item can kill the R for Tristana, letting it spend that damage and you can get closer to her.

    Recommended guidelines for countering other champions