In this guide I will show you how to counter Soraka. This champion is an excellent support, as it cures the ally from anywhere on the map. Soraka is a champion who plays full back to avoid the pokeo and thus have life to heal. Soraka’s most annoying factor is his good position, as he plays to not hit her; but here I’ll show you how to end up with her very easy.

Tips for dealing with Soraka

  • Use champions with CC, rank attack and mobility. With the CC you don’t give her a chance to use her healing skills, with rank champions you can pockete her and wear her down which makes her lose her life and have less chance to heal.
  • Try to eliminate Soraka first and take advantage of his bad position, if you try to finish off the ADC first, Soraka will keep healing him and the ADC will probably end up killing you.
  • Arm yourself properly, as with good damage and serious injury items you can get rid of it quickly.
  • Never dive a Soraka with its ally nearby, because they can outplay and kill you if the Soraka enters silence and the ally attacks you.
  • Soraka counter champions

    The champions below are the most recommended to finish off Soraka. These champions have very good skills that can annoy Soraka looking that he can not do anything in the game.


    This champion makes a great counter to Soraka, as he has a great damage that can delete Soraka or his ally role of a single combo making it impossible for her to heal in time. Rengar doesn’t give Soraka a chance to throw a skill if she has a big advantage in the game, as her passive gives trophies to her «Dientehuesos» necklace that increases the damage for each enemy champion she kills. Also if this one has a lot of damage, his R has as critical damage that can allow a delete.


    This champion thanks to her great range and with an ally support with CC can finish with Soraka very easy, since this one has a great damage and can reach Soraka again if she is using a flash to escape. Tristana with her R can drive away the enemy ADC to continue murdering Soraka and then be able to get a double murder. In addition, Tristana finds it difficult for Soraka to approach the enemy ADC to heal him, due to his E (Explosive Charge), since by approaching he can also take that damage.


    This is another ADC champion that I recommend when facing Soraka. Varus can poke Soraka from a great distance with his Q or catch her with his R. Also his ability E of Varus hits serious wounds diminishing Soraka’s healing, allowing this much advantage against her. Varus with his support and a help from the allied jungle can kill Soraka thanks to his utimate.


    The best support I recommend against Soraka is Blitzcrank. This champion and his great abilities don’t let Soraka do anything, since his abilities leave her in CC like his Q, E and R that don’t allow Soraka to launch a healing ability, giving Blitzcrank too many advantages against it. A good Blitzcrank milestone is a certain death for Soraka.

    Soraka counter items

    Items that are recommended against Soraka are those that give speed of movement or slow healing. Here I will show you which items to use according to the champion who can use it.

    Ascension Talisman

    Ascension TalismanThis object is used when starting a fight, to gain speed and thus catch the weak first. If this object is very well used it can help to capture Soraka very easily and look for the victory of the game.

    Gloria Justiciera

    This is another item that is good enough to increase the movement speed and start a fight to catch the enemy. This item has to be used by a champion where a good CC tank, for when it gets close to Soraka catches her and the allied team can finish her very easily.

    The Call of the Executioner

    This object allows to stick serious wounds being this a big factor for Soraka and his healings. The Call of the Executioner is recommended for ADC or murderers of good damage, thus to obtain more advantage against this one and that it cannot cure to 100% of its healing.


    This item is recommended to give serious injuries to champions who are AP. As we know that serious wounds decrease healing by 50%, this helps a lot when facing Soraka.

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