In this guide I will be showing you how to counter Taric. This champion is an excellent support, as he has very good skills and is a tank. Taric and his ultimate ability, can help dive, initiate an attack or save an ally from death. Also, the passive of this champion, can help to damage enough to his enemies, since each ability that throws potentiates his 2 following basic attacks. But here I’ll show you how to counter Taric.

Tips for dealing with Taric

  • Use scrolling champions. Taric’s ability E is a ray of light, which stuns the enemies reached and can be double with a partner linked.
  • Don’t stand around attacking while the enemy team owns Taric’s ultimate. This ultimate can immunize his allies.
  • Use champions with CC. If Taric hits an enemy with an ability, he can damage it enough with his 2 basic attacks.
  • Taric counter champions

    The following champions are the most recommended, to be able to face him without enough problems.



    This champion I recommend jungle, in order to help his allies who face Taric. Taric’s passive, Aatrox counter the ultimate of Taric, as Aatrox can be reborn again, when his bloody passive is full. Aatrox’s Q ability, too, can help him stay away from enemies when Taric launches his ultimate.


    This champion is quite good against Taric, as Teemo can avoid basic attacks and pockear Taric because Teemo has no rank and Taric is melee. Teemo’s Q ability can blind enemies, causing them to be unable to give basic attacks.


    This champion has very good skills against Taric, as she can neutralize or dissipate any neutralization. Morgana’s ultimate can help to stop Taric’s enemies when they attack with his ultimate. Also Morgana’s ability E, can divert the stun from Taric’s ability E and also help her withstand magic damage.


    This is the ADC I recommend the most on the line against Taric, as he has very good skills against him. Sivir’s ultimate ability can help her team get out of combat when Taric starts his ultimate. Also Sivir’s E ability can avoid the CC of Taric’s E ability.



    This is the support I highly recommend against Taric, as he can heal his allies and trap his enemies. Nami’s Q ability can catch the enemy from full damage, to prevent him from approaching with Taric’s ultimate ability. Also Nami’s definitive ability, can avoid an attack with the ultimate of this one.

    Items (objects) counter of Taric

    The following items, have to be used against Taric, to maintain a good confrontation.

    Call of the Executioner

    This object can give serious wounds to enemies who are harmed by the possessor. Taric’s Q ability and W ability can heal an ally and him at the same time. If they are hit with this object that healing is reduced to -50%.

    Mercury Fajin

    This object removes from any weakness in which the possessor finds himself when he activates it. The skill E of Taric, is a ray of light that can stun its enemies reached, but having this object you will leave from there very easy.


    ZhonyasThis object can immunize the champion who owns it, when activated instantly. This item can be launched when Taric launches his ultimate to attack, so they can avoid a big attack if you can’t escape. It can also be used to dodge Taric’s E skill.

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