In this guide I will be showing you how to counter Yasuo. This is a pretty strong League of Legends champion because of his powerful skill set. That’s because he doesn’t just kill in the game, he has a lot of facility in what’s called pharming. I mean by this, if you beat a Yasuo in line, every fight will be a bit complicated depending on how you are playing against him.

Yasuo’s main objective is based on pharming to obtain objects that give him critical hit probability due to his passive skill. Yasuo has mobility, critical strike, barrier, attack speed, ability «Q» that with 2 blows activates its wind that throws your champion through the air and its powerful ulti disappearing to a champion role in several blows.

If you want to counter Yasuo, take these tips:

  • Don’t be aggressive with him, be passive waiting for the right moment to destroy him.
  • Don’t fight him when your minions are attached to you. We’re talking about this if you specifically use magician champions.
  • Yasuo with his mobility is weak to the CC and to the critical attacks on him. I recommend you assassins for his quick death.

Which champion do you want to counter Yasuo with?




How to counter Yasuo with JaxHow to counter Yasuo with Fiora

Recommended counter champions of Yasuo in the mid line


This champion basically in the mid line can make Yasuo’s counter easy. If you hit the Q of «Akali» you will take away his passive and then with a basic inflict more damage to him than you can receive from him and there you use your melee skills to make an easy combo against him.

If Yasuo is going to throw you his «Q» turned into wind, use invisibility at the moment he throws you the seeing, this way you will avoid that he can throw you his last. Don’t make the mistake of not having invisibility (Twilight Cloak), this ability will help you dodge the Q of Yasuo.


With this other champion you’re going to ruin Yasuo’s life. Yasuo is weak at slowdown and at pokeo, Malzahar at his distance throws his skill «E» combined with the «W» against the enemy minions causing them not to let Yasuo pharm.

If you’re going to counter Yasuo with this champion, patience don’t throw your fabulous «Q» before he attacks you body to body, wait for him to approach you to hit you without a «Q» of wind, so you can silence him with your «Q» and combo him with your «E», «W», and «R». Your shield will also save you from a skill that can send you into the air.


This champion is pretty good against Yasuo, I recommend it. Since he has great range of his spells pokeando to Yasuo and the «R» that avoids any movement that comes so Azir.

Azir has escapes against Yasuo and also has damage against Yasuo to counteract it. Never use «Q» and «E» to counter Yasuo hand-to-hand, just activate «W» and «Q» to poke if Yasuo is too close to your tower asle combo sending it to her and protecting you behind your ulti.


Killer champion like «Zed» easily counter to Yasuo. That’s because of his great mobility of good enough to attack and easily get out of any attack of Yasuo. Zed is a champion that his passive «contempt for the weak» makes when Yasuo is with little life is afraid to give him the front.

Yasuo will be afraid to face a hand-to-hand battle with this champion named Zed. If you are going to fight with Yasuo, pokea well with your «living shadow» (W), «Shadow Blade» (E) and «Shuriken Razor» (Q) when you activate the thunder of your masteries you will see that it will have little life and when you have all your skills back fiercely attack against it with your ulti using fast mechanics with your shadows, so that it does not touch you.

Recommended counter champions of Yasuo in the top line


This champion in the top line is Yasuo’s maximum counter, quite good against him I recommend him in that line. All Yasuo are afraid to face any champion who has CC, as it is weak against the CC. Jax is complete with full damage, armor, CC, life stealing, and the best critical hit with attack speed.

To finish with Yasuo in the top line with this champion called Jax I tell you the best combo to finish him.

First fight in the center of his minions, because he won’t want to go on to farmear and don’t worry if he attacks you jax destroys the minions at once and he will be alone against you and your minions. A close combat. If you are already hitting active your «Counterattack» (E), since he can not give you with that ability activated and you can give CC, never make a mistake to start with «Brutal Jump» (Q), as he will hold you the jump with his passive and would have more escape on his death better I recommend the Q of jax for when the escape using flash or any movement.


Fiora if he’s an easy champion against Yasuo. Since his ulti gives him speed of movement and his «Embestida» (Q) makes it easier to reach. Yasuo is weak against Fiora, since he can’t hit her «Steel Storm» (Q) turned into wind, since Fiora uses her «Lunge» (W) wherever the wind comes and disappears.

Fiora has a lot of damage against Yasuo. Fiora’s «Fencing» (E) slows down Yasuo and the second attack gives him a strong critic. Fiora is immune to Yasuo with those abilities. Feasible combo to beat Yasuo with Fiora: Give him a basic first then use «Great Duel» (R) to Yasuo and there hit him with «Embestida» (Q) and «Esgrima» (W) and you’ll see that Yasuo doesn’t plow you anything just save your «Lunge» (E) for when Yasuo’s wind (Q) comes.


Pretty strong champion against Yasuo, he doesn’t basically let him do anything in this top line. Since Darius is a tank and can wear armor Yasuo cannot defeat him. A close combat of Yasuo and Darius for Yasuo is not very good, as Darius by his passive «Hemorrhage» removes Yasuo’s passive causing damage even.

Darius doesn’t need help to finish off several champions, as his «Diezmar» (Q) heals him enough and causes everyone to bleed what he hits. Darius can make a good combo to Yasuo easy: First basic to remove the passive to Yasuo, then you give him «Diezmar» (Q) and quickly «Disabling Strike» (W) Yasuo with that damage will want to run but you will use your «Aprehender» (E) to attract him and exploit him with «Noxian Guillotine» (R).


This beautiful champion counteracts Yasuo, causing his death quickly. Riven and her passive more damage each skill destroys Yasuo, as Riven has two cc’s which is the last «Broken Wings»(Q) and «Ki Burst»(W). Yasuo is weak against champions with CC so Riven makes it easy and much better counter because he dodges with his «Courage» (E).

I recommend you be aggressive with Riven against Yasuo. He won’t be able to do anything to you, as you have tremendous skill damage. Combo, first attack Yasuo by hitting him with a basic without using any skill then attack with your «Broken Wings»(Q) to reach him. Then you will activate the ulti, as Riven is a champion with little cooling ability and you will return with your «Broken Wings»(Q) and quickly «Burst of ki»(W) throwing right there the (R) of Riven so that Yasuo does not use wind because it will be in CC. Always keep «Courage» (E) to dodge Yasuo’s Q.

Items (Objects) that counter Yasuo

Mercury Fajin

This «Item» (Object) makes that when Yasuo throws through the air the champion can get out of that CC just by activating the «Mercury Sash»


Hourglass of Zhonya

This one makes Yasuo not match his ability «Steel Storm» (Q) converted into wind, as it makes the champion immune for a while and also gives him more ploughing for Yasuo’s damage resistance.

Ninja Tabi

This boot blocks 12% of Yasuo’s basic damage.

Guardian’s Mesh

Since Yasuo shares a lot of attack speed this «item» (Object) reduces the attack speed and gives armor to the champion.

Frozen mallet

This «item» slows down the champions with every attack you give it. Yasuo is weak at slowing.

Mesh of thorns

Yasuo gives hand-to-hand combat. If you carry this «item» with your tank champion, it will make it easier for you to return damage to Yasuo.

Ice gauntlet

This is another one that slows down and gives armor. Very good against Yasuo.

Rylai crystal scepter

It slows down and gives life with power of ability to counterattack Yasuo.

Presage of randuin

This item «Object» activating it slows down the area and reduces Yasuo’s attack speed.

Filo de la noche

This «item» (Object) you load without being in combat for when you go to face Yasuo is immune to its wind.

Doran Shield

If you go with a champion who’s melee against Yasuo. I recommend that you start with this item (Object) to start the game. Since it can offer more sustain against Yasuo’s attacks. And regenerates life every 5 seconds.

Spells that make Yasuo counter


This spell reduces Yasuo’s movement and basic attack. He also reduces his armor and magic resistance by 10 and his damage capacity by 40% for 2.5 s.


It removes all spell suppression that leaves the champion mobilized. If Yasuo hits you (Q) in the wind it helps you get out of there quickly.


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