Here I will show you how to finish and resist the fearsome Darius. This champion of League of Legends is quite annoying in the top line, being so powerful is one of the most banned at the time of selection, if you have bad luck that is chosen by the enemy team will show you here which champions, items and spells help you beat the fearsome Darius.

Tips for countering Darius

  • If you are champion of little endurance do not let it activate its passive on your champion
  • Use champions with «CC» and slowdown items
  • Poke Darius when you can and have more farm than he
  • If you are a tank champion with AD skills, arm a tank, as many make the mistake of arming themselves
  • Darius counter champions


    Thanks to his skills, this champion can easily finish off Darius. The ability (E) gives him mobility to escape from Darius’ claws, since Darius is very slow he won’t be able to catch the crocodile. He is highly recommended for his skills and being another tank champion.


    This tank killing champion also has good skills against Darius. She may be invisible with her ulti and move away from it with her skill (E) and serves to help Darius disappear. Also, keep in mind that Vayne has the ability to remove a lot of damage from champions that have a lot of total life thanks to his skill W (Silver Projectiles) and adding that Vayne always uses the item Ruined King that also helps with that.


    This bloody demon can kill Darius quickly. This champion has good passive and good skills to beat the fearsome Darius. Thanks to his passive Darius will not be able to finish with this and his ability (E) and (Q) that do not let Darius follow the steps of Aatrox, adding to that that Aatrox has a good CC that combined with a good jungle gank can help a lot.


    Sejuani and his ice skills make Darius a slow turtle, allowing the allied team to be satisfied against him. I recommend her as a jungle and campear to the ally who faces Darius.

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