The Madman of Zaun is one of the characters with more regeneration of life of all the crack of the summoner, making him practically an unstoppable champion difficult to kill, but despite all this character also has its weaknesses, so if you want to counter a Dr. World here you will know everything you need to win the line and not lose the games because of him.

Tips for playing against Dr. World

  • Try to combine your skills with those of your allies to do a lot of damage in a short time «ask the Jungle or Mid for help if possible».
  • If you don’t have the ability to kill him, don’t try to wear him out little by little; he will recover quickly.
  • It is almost obligatory to cast Prender’s spell when Dr.Mundo uses his definitive; to greatly diminish his healing.
  • If you want to beat Dr. Mundo in a simple way you must combine two things; a champion who can withstand his confrontations and that generates an explosive damage that can eliminate him, if we add to this any effect that cuts his regeneration of life you can count it relatively easy, a good example of the champions to which we refer would be the following:

    World Dr. Counter Champions

    These champions will help you to resist in the Top line; if you make good decisions and we arm you in the right way you should win the line or annul Dr. World, however; it is highly recommended to use the champion you know best, to avoid feeding your enemy.


    This character is one of the best when talking about anti-tanks, because it has the ability to do real damage and no matter how much armor your opponents have you will manage to lower his life, but against a world this will not be enough, you will need robbery of life and some object that makes serious wounds if you want to have much advantage against your enemy.


    The king of trolls is another champion who can resist in the Top line against a Dr. World; in fact he will find it quite difficult to finish you, an advantage that Trunddle has is that he has quite useful skills that can facilitate the gankeos of your allies.


    A person who knows how to play Riven can literally exploit a Dr. Mundo; since he can lower his life in an instant thanks to his great damage and attack combos, however; in order for you to maintain the advantage in Top’s line, it will be necessary to use Prender’s spell and not Teleport’s, which is the one usually used in the top line.


    Finally in this list of champions who counter Dr. World is Kog’Maw, if you have to play shooter is recommended to use this walking machine gun, which if combined with a Call of the Executioner and a Ruined King. You’ll see your enemy’s whole life go down in an instant.

    It is very important that you take into account to eliminate the great advantage that Dr. Mundo has; his great regeneration of life, for this you can use the spell to ignite or use one of the following objects that will help you to win.

    Items (Objects) that make Dr. World counter

    These objects can be essential when confronting a Dr. Mundo; they offer the ability to inflict serious wounds, an effect that diminishes the effects of healing and regeneration of life; something you must keep in mind if you want to kill him or at least weaken him in a simple way.

    The Call of the Executioner

    This object is important when starting the game and if your character is a champion of physical damage; no matter if you are a shooter or a champion of body to body, it can also become the Reminder of Death, which can also inflict serious injuries and ignores a percentage of the armor of the enemy.


    The alternative to the hangman’s call for magic damage characters is the Morellonomicon, which will allow you to use your skills constantly thanks to its mana regeneration and the ability to inflict serious wounds.

    Rylai Crystal Center and The Torment of Liandry

    If at any point in the game you consider that Dr. Mundo is invincible and no one can lower his life, you could use this combination of objects, which can diminish a considerable percentage of his life. It should be noted that these items do not inflict serious injuries, so you should combine it with Morellonomicon.

    Height of SpinesTine Height of Spines

    This object is optional in case your character is a tank; it also offers the passive of serious wounds and returns a percentage of the damage received, however it is difficult for a Dr. Mundo to focus on you being a hard character to kill. For this reason it could be considered an optional item and is not as recommended as the previous ones.

    The best spells against a Dr. World

    It is almost obligatory to play with Ignition if in the enemy team there is a Dr. World; since with this spell you will be able to eliminate in a considerable way its healing, if you are the Top, the Mid or in some cases the support; you should seriously consider to carry the Ignition.

    I recommend the following guides:

    Zaun’s Madman is a practically unstoppable Top; but there are other characters as unstoppable or unfair as this one, so I’ll leave you a list of champions that will make you think; that the people of Riot Games should make them a nerfeo: