The young man of the fragmented time; he is one of the most complicated champions you can face in the Mid line, Ekko has a kit of skills that can be quite strange if you have never played and if you face him can leave you with your mouth open more than once, for this reason we have created this guide; to learn everything necessary to counter Ekko and not lose more games against him.

Tips for dealing with Ekko

  • The second impact of Temporary Gear causes more damage than the cousin; so you should always try to avoid it.
  • Ekko is very vulnerable if he doesn’t have his definitive; if you see that his temporary figure isn’t found, he takes advantage of the moment to attack.
  • Ekko’s stun zone takes approximately 3 seconds to launch; more than enough time to get you somewhere else and it doesn’t affect you.
  • If you fight against Ekko and you notice that her life is very low, you will have to pay attention to her time distortion, so that you have an idea of where she will be positioned when using her definitive one.

If Ekko is a champion who always makes you lose the line or you don’t understand his powers, the best thing you can do is buy the champion, if you use him a few times you will be able to understand his mechanics and respond better when playing against him. You can also use the following characters to help you beat him on the line.

Ekko counter champions

With these champions you will be calmer when fighting against Ekko; they can face their skill kit, another important factor is that the four characters I will name you below; they have different game styles, which will allow you to choose the one you like best or suits your style.


This champion can be a real nuisance for Ekko, as Cho’gath is a strong and very resilient character, able to withstand any combo from this time traveler. The only detail is that Cho’Gath won’t be able to follow his enemy as he doesn’t have the necessary mobility, however; he won’t have problems to win all the confrontations.


If you have the ability and reflexes this champion can give you victory; LeBlanc with her skills will be able to attack Ekko and dodge his attacks, which will give you a great advantage when starting the game and unlike Cho’gath, with this champion will be almost impossible for your enemy to escape.


This character can also be an option; since it has the ability to delete Ekko with a simple combo and in some cases eliminate him without even allowing him to use his definitive one, with this character you will be able to become owner of the game if you make the correct decisions and you arm yourself well.


If you consider yourself a strategist and you know where to place your turrets correctly; Heimerdinger is your best option, as it can annoy any Ekko as long as you have the patience to use this little inventor. One of the advantages of using this character is that your enemy will be forced to stay in his line or lose the turrets for helping his team, something that will help you take advantage by making goals quickly.

If you concentrate on dodging its gears and being aware of when it has its definite; Ekko shouldn’t win so easily, however; if you consider that you haven’t yet managed to take a noticeable advantage of it, you could use the following items.

Items (Objects) counter of Ekko

The following items have to be used by the champions who can use it, to prevent Rammus from getting away with it.

Mercury Boots

objetos League of Legends

Mercury Boots are important against an Ekko; as they reduce the effects of slowing and stunning, they are the best boots you can wear against him.


objetos League of Legends

It is recommended to use the Sorbechizos if your characters are of physical damage, as it will give you a shield that absorbs magic damage, which can make the difference between living or dying when facing Ekko.

Adaptable Banshee oYelmo Veil

objetos League of Legends objetos League of LegendsAnother way to get an advantage is with one of these items; they provide a shield that disables the first ability that an enemy throws at you, enough to avoid enough damage that could be caused by the enemy Ekko; obviously you only have to choose one of these items, the one that suits you best for your character and the game.

Ekko counter spells

It’s best to use the spells you’re comfortable with on the Mid line; both Ignition and Barrier can be useful in ending or resisting an Ekko, so feel free to use them.

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