In this guide I will show you how to counter Elise. This champion is very good, as she has skills in both human form and spider. Elise is very strong if she takes a lot of advantage in the game, so in this guide I will be giving you some advice and recommending a few champions to beat her.

The Queen of the Spiders is one of the most used by professionals when playing in the Jungle; since it offers different alternatives thanks to its two modes «human and spider», which have their own special techniques; Elise in the hands of an expert can make the difference between winning and losing, thanks to their gankeos that are generally very effective, for this reason; today you will learn to counter Elise.

Tips for dealing with Elise

  • Have wards on the map, as her ganks can be very aggressive.
  • Avoid being around her if you’re paper, because a burst does a lot of damage.
  • Use champions with CC and mobility to resist.
  • When you fight an Elise you must take into account something; in her human form she does more damage to characters with a lot of life, while in her spider mode she is more dangerous when you have little life; so you must be aware of that.
  • When Elise uses Rapel she can only fall in the same place or on an enemy; so stay focused on where she will fall.
  • The only skill that allows Elise to escape is the Rapel; if you notice that she uses it, she takes advantage of the moment to attack, since that skill has a lot of cooling.
  • Counter Champions of Elise

    The following champions are the most recommended to face Elise.

    Master Yi

    With Master Yi it will be easy to face the black widow, because you can throw yourself with her skills with the certainty that she will win everything you find, but if she did not come to face you could also steal his Jungle to delay her in the game and not contribute anything to his team.


    This champion and his R can reach Elise from any escape she wants to make with her spider-shaped E. In addition, Kassadin’s passive reduces her magical damage by 15% less. Kassadin’s Q also absorbs magic damage and can cancel Elise’s combo when she catches it. Kassadin is highly recommended against Elise, as it holds her for a long time and has the mobility to deal with her.


    This champion against Elise is very good, because thanks to her skills she can delete this very easy. Syndra’s E avoids Elise’s combo if she wants to if Syndra is caught with the spider web. If you are going to use the R of Syndra against Elise, you must first put the CC of Syndra into her, as she can avoid the ulti with her E in the form of a spider. I recommend you do a good quick combo so Elise doesn’t throw her spider E when Syndra throws her R.


    This champion can fuck up Elise’s jungle, as she has a lot of damage and reach that can kill her very easily. Wukong is also a nuisance for Elise with her W skill, because she can avoid Elise’s combo. Wukong also expects her to fall from her ability E, to throw her R and kill her.


    This champion can also counter Elise in the jungle. Hecarim if caught by Elise can go out with her R and catch her so that the team can take care of eliminating her. Hecarim has enough mobility to reach Elise wherever she goes. She also has a lot of stamina and this is a plus for Hecarim, as she puts up with a lot of damage to Elise.


    In the case of shooters a good option would be Sivir, which has a definitive that allows you to escape from unexpected gankeos which offers a lot of mobility, but as if that were not enough also has an «E» that gives an antispell shield, which will prevent stuns or any spell that may affect.


    In the Top line a Yorick would be a discarded target for an Elise; because this character is quite strong and resilient, she could even face him if he showed up on her line. Which makes it a good option if you want to play it; however a Renekton or Galio would also be valid options.

    ítems (Objects) counter de Elise

    The following objects are necessary in the hour that they have to face against an Elise.


    ZhonyasThis item protects the possessor when activated leaving him immune from any ability. When Elise catches it combats at once, but thanks to this object when she tries to combear she won’t be able to, since she can’t hit when this object is activated.

    Mercury Fajin

    This object removes any weakness in which the possessor finds himself. When Elise catches thanks to this item, she can remove her possessor from that ability to prevent Elise and her allies from killing him easily. It is highly recommended if you go ADC or an assassin, as they are mostly the focus of the game.

    Malmortius jaws

    Malmortius jaws This item absorbs magical damage when the owner is below 30% of life. It also increases damage and life stealing when activated. This object is highly recommended, as it gives resistance and damage to the owner.

    Spiritual Appearance

    With this object you will be able to be a little calmer to Elise’s transformations; no matter if she is in her human or spider mode, the percentage of damage she could do will be greatly reduced with this object; in addition she offers you a reasonable amount of life regeneration.

    Reliquary of the Iron Solari

    This object will also help you and your allies a lot with the additional shield that gives, ideal for those occasions where the spider erases the companions of a combo and with this object you can save them.

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