The Widowmaker known as Evelynn; has become one of the main fears for many summoners; for after her last rework not only her appearance changed, but also her power which is now devastating compared to other times. If you’re one of those people who feel they’re going to lose just by seeing her in the character selection don’t worry, as here you’ll learn everything you need to do Counter to Eveleynn.

Tips for dealing with an Evelynn

  • Before level 6 Evelynn will only win the lines where her allies can help; for example comrades who have slowdowns and stuns.
  • Your «W» called «Seduction» allows you to enchant your enemies with the next hit or spell; but it will take a short time for this to happen, when that time is up a sign will be shown that will allow you to know where that spell came from and locate your enemy to avoid the effect. «Enough time to use a flash»
  • If Evelynn doesn’t have her definite, she’ll be an easy target to eliminate; she doesn’t have spells or powers to escape.
  • One thing that really affects this champion is the stuns and slowdowns; so it wouldn’t hurt to use champions who have these powers.
  • Evelynn counter champions

    With these champions you’ll be able to hunt Evelynn in most cases; especially they’re not affected by anything invisible or her skill kit, so try to use the character that best suits your style of play or at least the one you like best.


    If you want to countear to Evelynn in all aspects withRek’sai you will achieve it easily, because for this champion is not a problem of invisibility. Because he can detect any enemy only with the vibrations he feels on the ground; so if Evelynn scares you in your games, with this character you will be the one to scare her.


    Another character you can hunt the invisible lady with is Rengar; especially now that Evelynn can only be invisible after level 6, this furious hunter also has a pretty good skill kit, which will give you a good advantage in all one-on-one clashes, so don’t hesitate to use it «if you know how to use it of course».

    Lee Sin

    If you have good skills and know how to calculate your enemy’s next steps; Lee Sin can be a terrifying option for an Evelynn, in fact in most cases «if she has common sense» will avoid facing you in confrontations; as this champion basically wipes her off the map.


    With Maokai you won’t be able to count Evelynn as you would with the previous characters; but with this character you can be happy and content in your Jungle without fear of dying, since this character is a «strong tree» that the invisible lady will hardly be able to cut down.

    Remember that Evelynn is not as effective at the start of the game; so she probably won’t win the lines unless she has allies with slowdowns or disruptions, such as the Bot line; so keep an eye out for her position at all times and prevent her from gaining an advantage. Although you will have a possible victory if you use these champions and even more if you know how to play them.

    Evelynn’s counter items

    With these objects you will be able to obtain advantage when facing Evelynn; remember that you must assemble the initial objects that are necessary for your character and after is that you should think about using the ones that we will name you next.

    Spiritual Appearance

    Spiritual Appearance is a good option against Jungle champions like Evelynn; but only this will help you resist her combo of skills.


    Another useful object especially for the champions mentioned above is the Sorbechizos, which will give you a good damage but above all will take care of you with its shield that absorbs a part of the magic damage you do.

    Evelynn counter spells

    Choose the typical spells that would be used on the line you selected; or at least the ones you feel most comfortable with.

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