The Messenger of Death known as fiddlesticks; he is the toughest or most annoying character you can find in the jungle, as his abilities greatly affect your character. Whether it’s silencing, slowing down or stealing your life in a pretty brazen way. But above all, this bird scarer has a definitive one that can end your team’s life, so it’s highly recommended that you follow the advice and recommendations we’ll give you in this guide, so that you learn everything you need to counter a fiddlesticks.

Tips for dealing with Fiddlesticks

  • Try to avoid fighting close to your allies; especially when you see Fiddlesticks getting ready to use their ultimate.
  • If you use Fiddlesticks as a support, you must keep your distance from your support or your shooter, to prevent the sinister wind from bouncing between you.
  • A stun in the moment that fiddlesticks are going to use their definite; it’s the best way to cancel it.
  • Generally a goodFiddlesticks will load its definite from the undergrowth; so don’t walk in areas with no vision.
  • If you want to beat this scarecrow in a confrontation; you must use characters that cause a lot of damage in a very short time, a good example would be the following champions.

    Fiddlesticks counter champions

    With these characters you can erase any scarecrows that stand in your way; these champions have such an advantage against Fiddlesticks that you could say the enemy will avoid fighting you.


    The first in the list is Katarina; a champion with the skills to escape ambushes or to eliminate the threat if he doesn’t make a good decision, with this killer you can eliminate your enemies including the scarecrow.


    With Vladimir you’ll have a carefree game; where it’s impossible for a fiddlestick to kill you, with its life-stealing abilities and the ability to become a pool of blood; it makes it an invalid target for the scarecrow.


    Another option you can use to fight the Messenger of Death is Akali; a champion who can hide in the shadows to avoid the effects of her enemy, but can also launch herself with everything without the possibility of the scarecrow stealing your life.


    Of all the options that were named Fizz can be the easiest; because your «E» allows you to escape or reach your enemy, it also allows you to avoid the theft of life from the enemy. IfFiddlesticks were to use their ultimate, this fish would have a perfect opportunity to use their «R» and easily hit your skill.

    Items counter of Fiddlesticks

    These items are highly recommended when facingFiddlesticks; so arm them if you get the chance.

    Mercury Boots

    League of Legends objects

    Mercury Boots are almost mandatory against a Fiddlesticks; they reduce the effects of your enemy in a pretty good way, so don’t hesitate to arm these boots.

    The Call of the Executioner

    If you’re using a physical damage character, you should arm yourself with The Call of the Executioner, to prevent your enemy from taking advantage when it comes to stealing your life. With this simple object you should kill your enemy more easily.

    Adaptable Banshee oYelmo Veil

    League of LegendsObjects League of LegendsObjects give you a shield that disables the first ability an enemy casts at you; enough to prevent spells from being cast on you, of course you only have to choose one of these items; the one that suits you best for your character and the game.

    Fiddlesticks counter spells

    A good option against this scarecrow is the Ignition, which decreases significantly the healing it can have when absorbing life, however, would also be viable purification, which eliminates all effects that your champion may have when fighting, such as slowing or stunning.

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