In this guide I will be showing you how to counter Fiora. This champion has good AD and passive skills that make it difficult to fight her alone. Fiora is a somewhat complete champion, as she has mobility, immunity, attack speed and life regeneration skills with her R; but each League of Legends champion has opponents who counter her, as I’ll be showing you ahead of the Fiora counter.

Tips for dealing with Fiora

  • Avoid using very obvious CC skills
  • Choose armor champions, to resist on the line
  • Use champions with mobility and pokeo damage
  • Use appropriate items to face this, such as Capa de Fuego and Cota de Espinas
  • Fiora counter campones

    These champions are the ones I recommend the most when facing a Fiora. Pantheon, Shen, Tryndamere and Olaf, are champions with endurance in the line, because thanks to their skills they can annoy Fiora and finish her easily.


    This is the champion I highly recommend to finish Fiora. Pantheon has a passive that gives him a shield when he hits 3 times, this being the factor that causes frustration to Fiora, as it will not be able to hit his Q when his shield is activated. Also, it’s passive helps a lot to Fiora’s ability E, as it increases the speed of attacks to 2 basic causing the first one to slow down and the second one to hit a critic.


    This champion is quite good against Fiora, as this is tank and has excellent skills, to face this. Shen and his W skill makes a strong counter to Fiora’s E skill. Shen can also save Fiora’s allies with his big R or his W and have Fiora attack him with his other fantastic E-skill to avoid the death of an ally.


    Here I suggest Tryndamere, this one with his great damage destroys Fiora in pieces with his sword. Tryndamere is a champion who possesses anger, making this when he hits Fiora each basic increase his anger, thus damaging Fiora with much more damage. Also this champion has life robbery and a great ultimate that helps a lot to a confrontation against Fiora.


    This champion also resists a confrontation against Fiora, because if this one is armed properly against Fiora, it can win much easier. Olaf also has very good skills and passive, making Fiora run out of it. Olaf’s passive while 1% less life she lacks increases her attack speed, as does her W which increases her attack speed and life stealing when activated.

    Item counter de Fiora

    The following item is highly recommended against Fiora.

    Presage of Randuin

    This item reduces attack speed by 5% and a critical hit by -20%. Also by 55% the movement speed, when activated and reaches the targets. It is highly recommended, as the E of Fiora provokes critical and attack speed.

    Solar Fire Layer

    As Fiora is a melee AD champion, Capa de Fuego Solar helps with armor, life and damage, as just having Fiora around with the unique passive of this item does considerable damage.

    Height of Thorns

    Height of SpinesWith this you can cause serious injuries, which reduces its healing, which is one of the main features of Fiora.

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