In this guide I will be showing you how to counter Galio. This champion is very good against AP champions, as he increases his passive damage with magic resistance. But here I’ll give you a few tips and recommend you a few champions to beat him very easy.

Tips for dealing with Galio

  • Use champions with mobility, to avoid being caught by Galio’s W, E or R skill.
  • Keep the line well poached, as Galio helps the allies with his R.
  • He uses AD champions against this, as his passive is a powerful basic attack that is further augmented by his magic resistance.
  • Galio counter champions

    The following champions are the most recommended when it comes to finishing with Galio.


    This champion is quite good, since he is AD and in his R he has real damage. Darius heals with his Q and pulls with his E on Galio if he tries to escape with his E. He also has a great passive that causes Galio not to face him at any point in the game, as they are the 2 body to body, but Darius takes more advantage thanks to his passive.


    Also Illaoi is AD that gives a lot of advantage against a Galio. If Galio tries to attack Illaoi this champion only uses her ability E and R to delete Galio very easily. Illaoi has a lot of damage and can finish off Galio and his jungle ally if the jungle is melee. I recommend this champion to you because she destroys any champion who makes her body to body like Galio.


    This champion has mobility, great damage and her W ability that takes any ability out of her way. Fiora pokea Galio to leave him in a percent of life to attack with his R to increase his speed of movement and be able to remove the kill very easy. Fiora with his W dodges the E and R of galio as if nothing.


    The Q can stop Galio when he tries to enter with his E, also Morgana has her E which is a shield that removes an ally or this one from the R of Galio or the CC of her E. The R of Morgana can stop Galio when she tries to finish off an ally and taking advantage of the CC of this R to finish him off.

    Items (Objects) counter of Galio

    Mercury Fajin

    If Galio catches you with his R or E this item can serve as salvation to get out of that horrible CC that this champion possesses.

    Malmortius jaws

    Malmortius FaucesThis object absorbs magical damage received and increases the theft of life and attack. This object is very good if Galio is hitting hard, as he has an excellent passive that hits too hard when hit.

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