In this guide I will show you how to counter Gangplank, as this champion has enough damage at distance and body to body that is a nuisance in the game. The main thing to face a Gangplank is to have champions of mobility and good pokeo, as we know that Gangplank and his ability W is immune to the CC. I’ll give you a few tips and recommend a few champions so you can face Gangplank with ease.

Tips for dealing with Gangplank

  • Use mobile champions to avoid barrel or Gangplank R damage.
  • Use full pokeo champions to make sure this one doesn’t pharm and can’t get coins out of upgrades.
  • Don’t make him body to body with a paper champion, as his passive makes you burn when he has it activated and causes more damage.
  • Gangplank counter champions

    The champions below are the most recommended to face Gangplank, as he possesses good skills that can make facing Gangplank very easy.


    This champion has mobility, great damage, attack speed and immunity. Thanks to these qualities that Fiora has it is quite easy to face Gangplank. Fiora has a great ability that is his W that avoids the Q or E of Gangplank. She also has enough mobility that she can get out of Gangplank’s utimate very quickly, so as to avoid that damage.


    This champion thanks to his pokeo and great damage destroys very easy to Gangplank. We know that Gangplank is body to body but Jayce and his passive annoy Gangplank enough. Jayce’s passive is to transform his weapon into «Hammer» or «Cannon». Jayce uses his passive barrel to mercilessly poke Gangplank so that he does not get coins.


    This champion, even if he doesn’t have mobility, can annoy Gangplank so that he can’t draw coins. Rumble and his Q is a terror for Gangplank, as this pokea taking advantage that Gangplank is body to body. A fight between Rumble and Gangplank; Rumble wins, as he also has a big R that is very good against the melee.


    This champion thanks to his passive and Q can also annoy Gangplank. Pantheon’s passive is that every 4 strokes he acquires a shield that can avoid the Q or Gangplank’s passive when this stroke. Pantheon’s Q is a factor in his favor, as he can mercilessly poke Gangplank so he can’t have coin improvements.

    Items (Objects) counter of Gangplank

    The following items are very necessary in the game, as they can help a lot.



    This object makes the champion who owns it immune when activated. Zhonyas can avoid the Gangplank combo by just using it at the right time. It is highly recommended, as Gangplank has a lot of damage and thanks to this item you can avoid a deleted.

    Death Fairy Veil

    League of Legends objects

    This item gives a shield to the champion who owns it, leaving him immune from a first ability. This other object can avoid a big Gangplank combo, since the shield it gives is very good to withstand the explosion of a barrel or a Q. It is recommended for AP champions.

    Edge of the Night

    Channel this item to acquire a shield that can prevent damage from a first ability. This is another item that can avoid a Gangplank combo and thus avoid the explosion of some barrel or Q. It is recommended for AD champions.

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