In this guide I will show you how to counter Garen. This champion since he is a tank and has very good skills, we find it difficult to face him in a 1vs1 body to body combat, Garen can pharm quickly and mostly does not lose farm when he throws his skill (Q) and (E) in combination.

But here I will show you how to stop this champion named Garen, to give victory to your team.


  • Prevent Garen from hitting you with his (Q) several times, as he has good damage when he combines his (Q) and (E).
  • Focus on pharming, as if you focus on pokear will be in vain as this is a tank and has passive regeneration of life.
  • Play with champions who destroy waves of minions quickly, as Garen cleans quickly.
  • Garen counter champions

    These champions then help to beat Garen easily if we use them properly.


    This champion easily pharmacies a wave of minion and resists any Garen attack as this is a tank. Illaoi because it has a great utility (R) when you do melee combat shattering the bones of champions especially Garen.


    Kayle is another champion who pharmacies fast and can resist Garen’s attacks especially Garen’s ulti (R). When she pharmacies very well she can be a champion that carries a very easy game because of the great damage she has and the good protection.


    This little electric guy’s got good skills to beat Garen. Since Garen is very slow, this little boy takes advantage of the help of his jungle partner, to slow down Garen causing damage from the jungle partner, to end Garen’s life.


    Ryze, since we know his abilities, it’s impossible for Garen to get close to this one.

    This champion can quickly pharm and seek Garen’s death mostly on his own.

    Items (Objects) counter by Garen

    As we already know that these items slow down the opponent, they are necessary against Garen. Garen is weak against slowing as it is slow and this makes it even slower.

    «Crystal scepter» is used by magicians and «Blade of the ruined king» for adc or melee champions with attack speed.

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