In this guide I will be showing you how to counter Gnar. This League of Legends champion is very annoying, as he can pokear in his small form. Also in his Mega Gnar form it helps the team a lot because it gives him a lot of stamina, CC in area and pockeo. But here I’ll give you a few tips and recommend some champions so you can face Gnar.

Tips for dealing with Gnar

  • Use mobile champions to dodge Mega Gnar’s skills.
  • Try not to be pokeado by Gnar enough and avoid being near him when he is transformed.
  • Use champions with CC, to prevent him from throwing skills at his transformation.
  • Counter champions of Gnar

    The following champions are the most recommended when facing Gnar.


    Thanks to his life restoration skills, outreach and CC help quite a bit against Gnar. Irelia possesses a great Q that can annoy Gnar when he is too young to pokear and leave him with little life. Also his ability E helps a lot when he gets his transformation, as he acquires more life and Irelia can put CC with that ability. Irelia’s E is that when the opponent has more life than she has it can stun him.


    This champion can poke Gnar and regenerate his life and dodge any CC skill that is going to affect him with his W. Thanks to this ability of Vladimir which is his W is very helpful to dodge the R of the Mega Gnar. Vladimir has to play passively and always save that skill for that moment.


    Kennen has CC and is at a distance. He can pokear very easily to Gnar. It is highly recommended, as he can run from Gnar with his ability E to prevent him from hitting his R. Kennen also uses his ultimate quickly to be able to leave Gnar trapped when he throws his ultimate ability. It is highly recommended to avoid all the skills that the Mega Gnar has.


    This champion has mobility and immunity skills. In addition that possesses a great damage it can finish with Gnar very easy, since this one takes advantage of small Gnar to go to finish it. If Mega Gnar tries to throw R to Fiora only this champion throws her W to dodge that definitive ability. Fiora’s Q can also help to dodge Mega Gnar’s abilities.

    Items (Object) counter by Gnar

    The following items are necessary when confronting Gnar.

    Memories of Lord Dominik

    This object helps increase damage against champions who have more life than the one who owns it. This item is very good for when Gnar takes his transformation, as it brings out enough life to be an object can help to kill him easily.

    Mercury Fajin

    This object removes any weakness acquired by the possessor when activated. Thanks to this item you can get out of the ultimate of the Mega Gnar very easily. It is highly recommended if you go killer or ADC, as they are the focus and if this Gnar catches him with that ability can kill him.


    ZhonyasThis item immunizes the possessor for several seconds when activated. If the user uses it quickly at the moment of Mega Gnar’s R, he can dodge that ability and survive it. It is highly recommended for short-lived magicians.

    Gnar’s counter spells

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