In this guide I will show you how to counter Gragas. This League of Legends champion is quite good, as he has very good skills that help his allied team a lot. Gragas is also a nuisance against champions without mobility, as he can reach it with any skill he possesses. But here I’ll give you a few tips and recommend a few champions, in order to put an end to Gragas.

Tips for dealing with Gragas

  • Use champions with mobility, as Gragas combines E and flash to catch easily. (When you see Gragas very close to you, use your mobility or flash to avoid that move)
  • Try to have CC in the team against this.
  • Avoid being close to your allies, as this can catch them all with their E or R.
  • Gragas counter champions

    The following champions are the most recommended when it comes to finishing off Gragas.


    This champion thanks to her skills make a great counter to Gragas if used at the right time. Ahri has CC’s in her E skill that can be used when Gragas also throws her E skill to catch. Ahri’s ultimate is what makes Gragas a great counter, as she can move easily every time she uses her R and get out or avoid the possible misplacement in which she might fall.


    Morgana possesses two great abilities with CC that is her Q Y R. Thanks to those abilities that this champion possesses, she can annoy much to Gragas to avoid that she approaches to an ally or to herself. She also has a great ability that works as a shield, to avoid being stunned by some ability such as the E or R of Gragas, Gragas ganks can be quite difficult if there is a Morgana that plays well.


    This champion possesses a great deal of damage that can render Gragas useless in the jungle. Olaf can enter the jungle of Gragas and make life impossible for him without problems. Olaf also possesses his R which avoids the CC of any skill he throws at him such as the E and R of Gragas. (I recommend him to you in the hour that there is a Gragas jungle).


    This little girl can follow Gragas to any line he goes. Poppy thanks to his ability can make a great counter to this champion. If Poppy’s E doesn’t stop her from passing Gragas she can save her team with her R, so she can keep Gragas or the damage champions away from the enemy team.

    Items (Objects) Gragas counter

    The following items have to be used in the game, as they are very useful against Gragas.

    Mercury Fajin

    This item can take the champion who owns it out of the CC. It can be used by any champion but especially by those who have no mobility and are AD, as Gragas can catch it with his E. This item can remove the CC from Gragas’ ability E and remove the champion from that terrible situation. I recommend it.

    Call of the Executioner

    This object causes serious injury when it hits an enemy. As we know the passive Gragas heals 4% of his life each time he throws a skill. Thanks to this object this healing will be reduced, as it will cause serious wounds and only 50% of that healing will be cured.


    Morellonomicón causes serious injuries to the champions. This object is good for AP champions, as it helps Gragas’ passive healing diminish and cause his death much faster.


    ZhonyasThis item immunizes champions who possess it when activated, but does not allow them to move, cast spells or abilities when this item is activated. This object has to be used to be able to dodge the R or the E of Gragas and thus to avoid being caught by this one.

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