In this guide I will show you how to end Heimerdinger. This League of Legends champion is quite annoying, as he possesses a great ability that causes a lot of damage which is his Q. He also possesses a great R that improves any ability of this one, to cause a lot more damage. But Heimerdinger as well as the other champions have their weaknesses and here I’ll show you what they are.

Tips for dealing with Heimerdinger

  • Don’t do any hand-to-hand combat inside their machines. Even if you can kill him these machines can kill you too or worse, it is possible that Heimerdinger won’t die and you will.
  • Use rank champions. Remote damage helps a lot against him, as they can destroy their machines without taking damage.
  • The champions with CC and mobility help a lot to finish off Heimerdinger.
  • Heimerdinger counter champions

    The following champions are highly recommended to put an end to Heimerdinger.


    This is Heimerdinger’s most counter-champion. Syndra has very good skills and the best of all is at a distance. Syndra can poke Heimerdinger with ease, as he has no mobility skills. Syndra’s W can take Heimerdinger’s improved machine elsewhere so that this machine does not harm the allied team.


    This champion thanks to his good skills can delete Heimerdinger easily. Vel’koz can make Heimerdinger combo, because he can’t dodge the skills so easily because he doesn’t have mobility. Vel’koz pokea to Heimerdinger leaving him on the brink of death without this approaching him. To finish Heimerdinger very easy just throw the Q, E, W and R to kill him.


    This champion and his abilities at a distance can destroy the Heimerdinger machines without taking damage from him. Azir also possesses if R that he can take out the improved Heimerdinger machine when he casts it to avoid that damage. Azir is highly recommended, as he can take much advantage with his great damage and ease of fighting him.

    Master Yi

    This is one of the bodies to bodies most recommended to put an end to Heimerdinger. Master Yi enters with his ultimate to increase the speed of attack and movement. When Yi’s R is activated he can enter by giving basic Heimerdinger and when he sees Heimerdinger throw his E to stun him to throw his Q to dodge. Also Yi’s Q helps quite a bit to dodge the passive Heimerdinger machines which is a long-range beam.

    Heimerdinger counter items

    The following items have to be used in the game against Heimerdinger.

    Malmortius jaws

    Malmortius jaws This item absorbs magic damage when the owner is below 30% of life. This item is highly recommended for melee AD or ADC champions to resist further damage to Heimerdinger.

    Mercury Fajin

    This object removes any weakness acquired by the one who possesses it. Thanks to this item they can come out of Heimerdinger’s clutches when they are caught by his Electron Storm E Grenade skill. This ability can stun area to those who are hit by it.


    ZhonyasThis item immunizes the champion who owns it by not allowing him to cast spells or abilities while activated. This item can withstand Heimerdinger’s barrage of upgraded rockets. Zhonyas has to be saved for that moment or for when he is trapped by any other skill of this one.

    Heimerdinger counter spells

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