In this guide I will show you how to counter Illaoi. As we know, Illaoi is a very powerful champion, since she has a powerful damage that destroys the bones of the enemies she faces. Illaoi like other champions has its weak point and here I will show you what to do and which champions to use to hit it at that point.

Tips for countering Illaio

  • Avoid the tentacles of this one, especially its ability (E) Test of Spirit
  • Never stay on your R, try to get out of there immediately
  • Use champions with CC, as this is weak to that by its slowness
  • Use full pokeo champions
  • Illaoi counter champions

    These champions have very good skills against this champion named Illaoi. Highly recommended.


    This little boy has good skills against Illaoi, since in his normal way he can annoy Illaoi with his pokeo. Gnar is one of the most recommended champions, as he also has a fast jumping ability to get out of the utimate of Illaoi. In the «Mega Gnar» form, he uses his R to remove Illaoi from his R field, to cause Illaoi to lose time when he activates his (R) Leap of Faith.


    This other little one is a nightmare for Illaoi. Kennen being at a distance and having CC’s in his abilities Illaoi will never be able to reach him. The small electric one pokea to Illaoi, not to let it farmear and thus to take a lot of advantage to him in his line. It is also good for when the jungle ally is going to give a gank, as his final skill and skills like Q, W and E neutralize Illaoi and thus seek death very easily.


    As we know, Vayne is a champion tank killer. Also Vayne possesses a great skill that takes Illaoi out of her R field which is her (E) Condemnation. Vayne can be played on the line against Illaoi, as it has mobility and is at a distance. (I recommend her to finish Illaoi quickly; if you play with this champion is to be careful and use the skills when it is appropriate to use)


    This champion can save the bones of an ally with just a quick R. Bard is too annoying, as he avoids a delete of any combo with his powerful (R) Peaceful Destiny. Bardo hopes or deduces that Illaoi used utimate and this one throws his R only in the field area of the utimate of Illaoi, so that he can stop that R and get his allies out of that terrible situation.

    Items (Objects) counter de Illaoi

    The following items are the most recommended when facing an Illaoi.


    This item has to be used at the time Illaoi throws her (R) Leap of Faith. As we know, Zhonyas turns the champion who owns it into gold causing this champion to be protected from any damage that is thrown at him. (Do not spend Zhonyas if it is not necessary, it has to be used at the time Illaoi implements his R)

    Banshee Veil

    As we know Illaoi first launches his (E) Spirit Test and then his ultimate for when he hits his tentacles do more damage and get regeneration of life. This object will cause Illaoi not to be able to hit his E, because it prevents this ability from penetrating the one who possesses it. (It is highly recommended if you go with a body to body AP champion)

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