In this guide I will be giving you some tips that will help you to face Irelia, so as to seek victory against this champion, without her being able to do anything in the game. Irelia has great damage and range and melee skills that make her a very strong champion on the top line. Irelia as well as all League of Legends champions have their weak points so here I’ll show you what her weak points are, to put an end to this champion.

Tips for dealing with Irelia

  • Don’t use champions papers against her. At the beginning of the game you might get a lot of advantage and win very easily if your champion scales with little life and has little armor.
  • Avoid making trades with it from level 6.

  • Use pokeo champions, like Jayce, Kennen or Rumble, these can call it quite a bit if used properly, although these are not really Irelia’s main counter.
  • Irelia counter champions

    The following champions are the most recommended when it comes to ending Irelia. These champions have excellent skills that help to finish Irelia very easily.


    Olaf as Irelia are body to body, but Olaf takes much advantage of Irelia, because he has a good passive that has a percent less of his life increases his attack speed, being this an advantage excessive so that Irelia is not faced alone against him. Olaf’s R also avoids the CC of Irelia’s ability E, when Olaf has more life than her.


    Darius’s passive helps a lot when Irelia is confronted body to body. Darius and Irelia are body to body, but Darius takes more advantage, because if it hits 5 accumulations of hemorrhage (passive), it causes Darius to damage it with much more damage. Also Darius is a tank and has a large R that has real damage on impact and much more damage if Irelia has 5 accumulations of hemorrhage (passive).


    Jax possesses great abilities like his E which avoids the damage he receives and causes the opponents he hits to be stunned. Also the great R of Jax, increases his stamina and armor being this a good advantage when facing Irelia. Jax also has great damage and attack speed that would destroy Irelia in a few blows.


    Morgana can avoid the reach of Irelia when she hits her ability Q. She can also avoid that reach with her R making it easier to save the life of her ally. Morgana’s ability E helps with Irelia’s CC when she hits her E when she has less life.

    Items (Objects) counter of Irelia

    Height of Thorns

    Height of Thorns

    Irelia’s R and W regenerate her life. This item damages the targets every time they hit the possessor. This item can reduce Irelia’s healing each time she hits him. Also this item helps to have life and armor in order to resist more the damages of this.

    Deadly Reminder

    deadly reminder

    This object, as we know, provides serious injuries. The fascinating thing about this item is that it helps us that Irelia has a reduction in her life regeneration, giving this the advantage of killing her.

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