This champion is super good, as it gives excellent protection to his team and facility to attack to kill the target. Ivern is not a champion of causing a lot of damage, but of protecting his allies and making it impossible for enemies to kill him. Ivern can make an excellent combination with protective support champions, but like all League of Legends champions, Ivern has its weak point and here I’ll show you.

Tips for dealing with Ivern

  • Use champions with mobility and CC. Mobility to dodge Ivern’s abilities and the CC to catch Ivern and prevent him from protecting his team.
  • Don’t chase an Ivern with little life. Ivern uses shield, CC, and a good R that can kill you while you chase him.
  • Maintain a good position so you don’t get caught by Ivern’s CC.
  • Ivern counter champions

    The following champions have to be used to face Ivern and put an end to him.


    This champion makes a great counter to Ivern, as he has a lot of mobility with Ivern’s W ability. Ivern’s W ability is that he grants a small shrub that can activate Rengar’s passive, making Rengar more likely to move to reach his target. Rengar can also annoy him in the jungle to take advantage of him.


    This champion is something like Rengar, because if he evolves his R he can win Vacuum Attack. When Kha’zix evolves that ability every time he is not in combat and enters a bush like Ivern’s W he can become invisible inside them. This is a very ugly advantage against Ivern, as Kha’zix will not be able to use his R twice but several times more.

    Lee Sin

    This champion can annoy Ivern in the jungle by stealing his targets with ease. Lee Sin can also detect with his Q how many enemies there are in Ivern’s W. What I recommend you do with Lee Sin is camp out in Ivern’s jungle and chase him wherever he goes. This strategy will go a long way in taking advantage of Ivern so that he doesn’t perform in the game.


    If in case Ivern is not jungle support is recommended Alistar. This champion makes a great counter to Ivern, because Alistar can take the ultimate Ivern so it does not annoy. Alistar also has CC that can catch Ivern to kill him easily. Alistar being a powerful tank will be very difficult to Ivern face him, as he does not have much power.

    Items (Objects) counter de Ivern

    The following items have to be used when facing Ivern.

    Mercury Fajin

    This object takes away any weakness obtained by the one who possesses it when it is activated. Mercury Fajin can take you out of the CC of the R of Ivern. If Ivern catches you with that ability it is very likely that the enemy team will kill you.


    Zhonyas This item is immune allowing that when activated it can not be moved, cast skills or spells who owns it. This object can help a lot when the R of Ivern «Daysi» gets her 3 hits and throws her fourth hit to stun. It has to be used at that moment to dodge that skill.

    Edge of the Night

    This object when channeled may disappear the first skill that touches it. In case you dodge the Q of Ivern the R of him «Daysi» will not be able to stun the champion who possesses it when «Daysi» goes to give his fourth blow.

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