This champion is one of the best support available in the League of Legends game. Janna gives great protection to her allies, as she has very good skills. Janna like all champions also has its weak point. Here I’ll give you a few tips and recommend a few champions to end Janna.

Tips for dealing with Janna

  • Use champions with mobility and distance CC skills. Mobility helps enough to dodge and CC at a distance to catch her and also to cancel her ulti that heals her allies.
  • If you’re gonna start a fight, try to kill her first. Killing her first helps a lot to leave him without a defense.
  • Avoid being thrown by her to some tower or enemies with her R. Those who play Janna do that to secure the kill.
  • Janna counter champions

    The following champions are the most recommended when it comes to finishing off Janna.


    This champion can catch Janna very easily and do her a lot of damage. Sona uses a gank to catch Janna with her R. If Janna brings out Sona’s allies with her R Monsoon, Sona can stop her ultimate to catch and kill her. Sona also resists demacia in the line, as she can heal her allies with her W.


    This champion thanks to the passive combination of Q and R can catch Janna a new time when Janna has taken her out. Diana can also cancel Janna’s R very easily just by entering with her R and E. Diana uses a lot of damage that can be caused by the delete of any paper champion. If Diana does super well in the game she can make Janna not have time to react.


    Thanks to Sivir’s attack distance, he can annoy Janna with a good pokeo. Janna will not be able to protect Sivir’s damage with her shield. Maybe Janna spends a lot of mana putting shields to her allies when Sivir pokea. Sivir can also lose a lot of mana, but her E skill helps her recover mana by holding on to a skill from Janna. The E of sivir can avoid Janna’s Q by causing her not to be hit by that ability and recovering mana.


    This champion annoys Janna a lot, since she can poke easily and catch her. Nami can cancel Janna’s R with her Q or R. Janna won’t do very well to face a Nami support, as she can take a lot of advantage. Also Nami’s passive increases the speed of movement when she throws a skill. While Janna has it permanent Nami can reduce her passive with her E Blessing of the Tide.

    Janna’s counter items

    The following items have to be used when confronting Janna.

    Death Fairy Veil

    League of Legends objectsThis object avoids the first skill that touches the possessor. This item is very good, as Janna’s Q or R won’t be able to stop you. If Janna uses the Q on you, she might take you out with her R, but you’ll have a better chance of catching it.

    Call of the Executioner

    This object causes serious injury when its owner harms enemies. This item helps a lot for what is Janna’s ultimate, as this item will reduce the healing by 50%. It is very necessary to secure the assassination.


    This item causes serious injury when the champion who owns it damages enemies. It is highly recommended for what is the R of Janna, because thanks to this object that healing will be reduced by 50%. It is highly recommended for AP champions.

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