In this guide I will be showing you how to counter Jarvan IV. This is a League of Legends champion who is pretty good against non-mobile champions. If you play with a champion without mobility against him, it is very likely that you can go very badly against him. But here I will show you how to face Jarvan IV, giving you some advice and recommending champions for him.

Tips for dealing with Jarvan IV

  • You have to use champions with mobility, as their spells can annoy a lot and more when you are the target.
  • Maintain a good position against him. He might give you an easy combo if you’re in his range.
  • Don’t push the line too far. Maybe you are the one who will have the bad luck of being the little house of Jarvan IV.
  • Use champions with CC. The CC is quite good for any situation, especially when you’re locked up in the ultimate Jarvan IV.
  • Counter Champions of Jarvan IV

    The following champions that I will show you next are the most recommended to face Jarvan IV. The ones I’m going to recommend is for any line you’re going to go, so you don’t have problems.

    Lee Sin

    This champion I recommend him in the jungle, because thanks to his skills he is counter to Jarvan IV. Lee Sin can save his allies from the R of Jarvan IV. He only uses his Q skill to enter the ultimate of Jarvan IV and take him out with his R and leave again with his W. Lee Sin can also annoy him with Jarvan IV’s jungle targets, as his skills make it easier for him to steal these targets.


    This is another pretty good champion against Jarvan IV, but more recommended in theTOP line. Shen can go down with his R to the line where Jarvan IV is making a gank or hit his R to the ally Jarvan IV has caught anywhere. Shen also comes out of Jarvan IV’s clutches with just one skill which is his E skill



    This champion is another pretty good one against Jarvan IV, as she has pretty good skills against him. Ahri can stop Jarvan IV with only one skill when he tries to approach with his Q-E which is his fabulous E skill. Ahri can also come out of Jarvan IV’s claws with his R and hit him from a good position thanks to his rank skills.


    This ADC is the one I recommend the most when facing a Jarvan IV. Vayne has very good skills against him and much more I recommend you to Vayne because he is a tank killer. Vayne can dodge Jarvan IV’s Q-E with just a good Q. If Jarvan IV catches Vayne he is only using his R and Q to avoid damage by taking advantage of his invisibility and can hit him from his own R with his E.


    This is the most recommended support against a Jarvan IV. Thresh is a champion who has very good skills against Jarvan IV, as his Q or E can stop Jarvan IV when he uses his Q-E. Thresh also possesses a skill that saves any ally from the ultimate Jarvan IV, which is his E lamp.

    items (Objects) counter by Jarvan IV

    The following items (Objects) have to be used when facing Jarvan IV.

    Death Fairy Veil

    League of Legends objectsThis item avoids the first skill that touches the possessor. If Jarvan IV tries to go through it with his Q-E he won’t be able to hit you with that CC, because thanks to this item he won’t be able to hit you with that ability. It can also withstand damage from Jarvan IV’s R.

    Edge of the Night

    This object when channeled can avoid the first skill that hits you. This item can also avoid the Q-E CC of Jarvan IV. This object has to be channeled before fighting Jarvan IV to avoid his spells.

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