In this guide I’ll show you which champions counter Jax and a few tips for fighting him. Jax is one of the most powerful champions in the League of Legends, as he is one of the ones with a great deal of damage that can disappear to any very easy role. But here I’ll show you how to finish off Jax.

Tips for playing against Jax

  • Jax mostly enters with his E and then reaches the target with his Q. Since this is already obvious in Jax, use champions with CC or with displacement mobility
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  • Use champions with armor and items that reduce the attack speed of this
  • Don’t make him body to body when Jax has his active R
  • If you see that he beats you in farm don’t fight him, focus on bluffing and take advantage of him
  • Jax counter champions

    The campones that I will recommend to you, are the most useful when it comes to facing a Jax. These champions thanks to their abilities will help you to have resistance in the line and thus to be able to take advantage to Jax, to finish with him.


    This champion is highly recommended against Jax, as this is one of those who can stop Jax very easily. Singed only focuses on pharming with his poison and causing damage to Jax with this ability when Jax is faced with an attack. This champion can also take out of Jax’s clutches any champion allied with his ability E.


    This dwarf and his engineering skills do a great deal of damage to Jax causing his death if Jax is too aggressive. Heimerdinger surrounds his attack tools area, if Jax enters that area to cause damage to Heimerdinger this will enter his own tomb. Heimerdinger and a big «Zhonyas» disappear to Jax leaving his beautiful machines to do the work for him.


    Ryze is very good against Jax, as he has good skills as is his W. This champion has a great pokeo and does it with great ease that a Jax will not be able to against him. Ryze is highly recommended, as he is one of the champions who takes a lot of advantage in farm to a Jax being this a very good point to finish with a Jax.


    This champion is pretty good against a Jax. Nami can help flip a game of a fedeado Jax if it is very good used. Nami has good skill and protection that make that when Jax falls in his skill as is his Q or R, the allies can finish with this very easy. I recommend this champion to you when Jax is a jungle that Jax’s ganks will not be accurate.

    Items (Objects) counter by Jax

    The following items have to be used in the game against Jax.

    Heart of Ice

    This item will reduce Jax’s attack speed when he can be close to it. This item can be used by Nami, so he can slow down that attack speed and have time to help his allies out of Jax’s claws.

    Memories of Lord Dominik

    This item helps what Jax’s R is. As we know the R of Jax increases the resistance and armor of this, having this item you will be able to pass through the increased armor very easy. This item is good against Jax, as it hits harder at those who have more life.

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