In this guide I will explain how to counter aKai’Sa easily. Without a doubt, this ADC is quite strong for its excellent combination of skills that make it a champion with many possibilities to make good moves, feed and race. However, countering Kai’Sa is relatively easy and here’s how.

Tips for dealing with Kai’Sa

  • When you are a long way from Kai’Sa do not stand still, keep moving to avoid being hit by his W.
  • Don’t do 1v1 unless you are sure you are going to beat him, for example because you have more damage, because Kai’Sa is a very strong 1v1 champion.
  • Armate Call of the executioner, this item gives you serious wounds, which reduces its healing to half, since Kai’Sa has as one of its main items «Dance of Death» which makes it heal enough while attacking.
  • Kai’Sa counter champions


    With Caitlyn you can stay in the rank of Kai’Sa and you also have the possibility of constantly poke it, you also have Caitlyn’s traps that make it very difficult for Kai’Sa to move, and Kai’Sa can be revealed if she is invisible if she steps on one of Caitlyn’s traps.


    Jhin is one of the few champions against whom it is very difficult for Kai’sa to beat 1v1. Jhin can also use his flowers so that Kai’sa can be revealed so that it becomes invisible.


    With Ezreal you can stay away from her and poke her constantly, once she’s worn out enough you can face her directly and beat her. Also, Ezreal with his jump has too much facility to dodge the W to Kai’sa. This ADC combined with a champion like Janna or Soraka, has a good chance of winning.


    You can put a good CC with Leona with the E, the Q and then the ulti if you have it and only missing that your ADC ally is responsible for giving him the final blows and farewell Kai’sa.

    Objects you can counter Kai’sa with

    Call of the executioner

    With this item you can cut his healing in half causing serious injuries.

    Height of thorns

    Height of Thorns

    As with the previous item, taking damage from Kai’sa causes serious injury and deals magic damage.

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