In this guide I will be showing you how to counter Kalista. This champion is quite good, as she can move too much to avoid being hit. Kalista is very good against champions without mobility and can make jungle goals very easy because of her E ability. But here I will show you how to end Kalista by giving you some advice and showing you a few champions who are quite good against her.

Tips for dealing with Kalista

  • Beware who Kalista has the pact with. If Kalista has the pact with a tank with CC you might get caught very easily and be killed so stay in rank if it’s a very dangerous pact.
  • Use champions with CC. Kalista is weak to CC, as he is very weak and can die very easily.
  • Don’t throw R at the champion Kalista has a pact with. It may be that Kalista is close to him and when you throw R she can get him out in time.
  • Kalista counter champions

    The following champions are the most recommended to put an end to Kalista.

    Master Yi

    This is the most recommended jungle against Kalista. Master Yi can reach Kalista very easily and dodge his R with his Q. If you are going to use Yi is to enter by giving basics and save Q to dodge. Yi can hold Kalista’s E just by throwing his W in time. Kalista is very weak and the great damage, attack speed and movement that Yi possesses is too much for her.


    This champion although she is of line TOP is very necessary to face Kalista. Poppy has a very good ability against Kalista which is her W. If Kalista tries to jump into Poppy’s W she will be neutralized giving Poppy a chance to catch her with her Q. Poppy can also neutralize Kalista with her Q to slow her down and have a better chance of catching her. Poppy’s R helps a lot in getting Kalista out when she wants to kill an ally or herself with her E.


    As we know Kalista is much weaker when it is poisoned. Cassiopeia also has very good skills against Kalista as is her W. Cassiopeia’s W prevents Kalista from using her mobility as her passive. Also the R of Cassiopeia can help enough to catch Kalista and kill her.


    This is the most recommended ADC when it comes to facing Kalista. Quinn can catch Kalista with her bigR and kill her very easily in a 1vs1. Quinn can dodge Kalista’s R if he uses a good E. Quinn’s E pushes her backwards, so when Kalista’s ally with the R comes, she may be able to dodge if the E is used very well.


    Here I have the most recommended support when finishing with Kalista. Leona if she catches Kalista can look for the end to her. Although Leona finds it difficult to catch Kalista with her E or R it is better to enter with a flash and Q. When Leona catches Kalista with Q she will have a chance to combo her R and if Kalista gets away she can hit the E, as it will make it easier for Leona to catch Kalista with her E because she will be neutralized and will not be jumping.

    Kalista counter items

    The following items (Objects) are highly recommended when dealing with a Kalista.

    Death Fairy Veil

    objetos League of LegendsThis object can withstand the first skill that touches the possessor. Velo can hold Kalista’s R or E. It is more recommended to hold the R of Kalista, because if it catches you with its allies you might die. Recommended for AP champions

    Edge of the Night

    This is another object that helps a lot to hold the first skill that touches the one that has it. Filo can withstand the first ability that touches the possessor, such as Kalista’s R or E. This is another object that does a lot to help withstand the first ability that touches the possessor. This item must first be channeled to activate the shield and is recommended for AD champions.

    Height of Thorns

    Cota de Espinas

    This object hits a number of champions who hit the possessor. kalista being a champion of distance damage and good attack speed, this object can go a long way in providing more damage to Kalista while this hit.

    Rylai Crystal Scepter

    This item slows the movement speed when hit by a spell that owns it. This object helps to neutralize Kalista’s feet so that her jumps are not so fast and so give her a chance to catch her.

    Kalista counter spells

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