In this guide I will be showing you how to counter Karthus. This League of Legends champion, is pretty good against body to body or no mobility champions. The abilities of this champion are in areas and his ultimate multiple automatic selection, that if these very short of life would be your end. But here I will give you a few tips and recommend you a few champions, so that you can beat Karthus quite easily.

Tips for dealing with Karthus

  • Use scrolling champions. This will help you get out of his ability E or avoid his ability W.
  • Use champions with CC. If you see Karthus channeling his ultimate, a stun can prevent him from throwing it.
  • Avoid staying close to Karthus when he dies. This champion’s passive, allows him to cast spells for 7 seconds after he is dead.
  • Counter Champions of Karthus

    The following champions are the most recommended, to be able to face Karthus without problems.


    This champion is the jungle I highly recommend against Karthus, as his skills are quite good against him. Maokai’s E skill allows him to entangle a target, allowing him, when he tries to entangle, to become immune while transporting himself. Maokai’s ability E can prevent damage to Karthus’ ultimate ability and his ability Q can cancel it, if it is close.


    This champion I recommend TOP to face Karthus and get a big advantage. Fiora’s Q ability helps her avoid Karthus’ abilities, as she can move with this ability. She also has a very good skill that can avoid Karthus’ definitive skill which is her W.

    Twisted Fate

    Twisted Fate can attack from a good distance without taking so much damage from it. Besides being able to damage Karthus from a good distance, he also has a great definite ability. The definitive skill and the W skill with the yellow card can prevent Karthus from throwing his ultimate.


    This is the ADC that I highly recommend against Karthus, as he can move quite easily thanks to his passive. This passive allows you to increase Sivir’s movement speed with each attack, causing Karthus not to easily match his Q ability. Also the E ability of Sivir, can avoid the definitive ability of Karthus quite easily.


    This is the support that I most recommend against Karthus, as it can cure his allies and a great ultimate that counteracts his ultimate. Soraka’s ultimate ability can be launched before Karthus’ ultimate falls, as if you launch this ability late enough, you won’t be able to save his allies’ lives.

    Karthus counter items

    The following objects have to be used against Karthus, to maintain a confrontation against him.


    This is the most recommended object against Karthus, as it can save the lives of those who own it, when activated. If you activate this item, you will be immune for a moment, if you take the damage of his definitive ability.

    Malmortius jaws

    This object can grant a shield that absorbs 300+1 of magic damage, when the one that possesses it reaches -30 of life. Karthus’ ultimate ability is thrown from anywhere, allowing enough damage to his enemies.

    Edge of the Night

    This object provides a shield that absorbs the first skill that touches it, but is activated out of combat. I recommend this item to you, as Karthus can cause quite a lot of damage with his ultimate and kill you easily. Channel this object when its ultimate is released.

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