In this guide I will be showing you how to counter Kayn. This is a very broken champion, as he uses his transformations to get stronger, at the time of the battle for the victory of the game.

Kayn is a bit complicated to kill him, as he uses his skills to slow down, attack in area, escape through walls and even coming out of walls, he can heal and his ulti that allows him an immune moment inside any champion causing damage to his exit. I’ll show you the champions who counter Kayn in League of Legends.

Kayn counter champions

Master Yi

This jungle champion can ruin Kayn’s life, as Master Yi has very good skills against this champion called Kayn. If Kayn tries to escape through the walls, Master Yi uses his «Alpha Stroke»(Q) to follow him wherever he goes, this «Alpha Stroke»(Q) skill can also dodge Kayn’s skills like «Cutter»(Q) and «Blade Range»(E).

Master Yi will also hold Kayn’s last, as Master Yi’s ability «Meditation» (W) reduces the attacker’s damage and heals Master Yi. With this ability Kayn when he ulte Master Yi will be in vain, since he will not be able to do anything to him while Master Yi activates his «Meditation» (W).


With this champion named Vi it is good to counter Kayn, as Kayn is not a full tank and lacks little armor Vi with his attacks can destroy the cain like a piece of paper.

Vi and his skills can follow Kayn anywhere, as Vi’s «vault breaker» skill (Q) hits Kayn in an attempt to pass a wall. Vi can camouflage the jungle without fear, as it has an escape.

Also Vi’s skill «Assault and Battery» (R) Pursues Kayn already stunning the floor and facilitating the combo shatters Vi’s armor.


This little girl makes Kayn fall at her feet. Poppy and her incredible «Inalterable Presence» skill (W) prevents Kayn’s skill in an area called «Cutter» (Q). This ability causes Kayn to move forward, but Poppy mocks him by activating his «Inalterable Presence» (W) quickly.

Poppy being a tank will make it hard for Kayn to finish her off. Kayn won’t have enough skills to counter Poppy. This champion makes Kayn’s combo easy and fast, stunning towards the wall without him using his «Shadow Pass» skill (E).

Poppy can get him out of any assassination attempt against a champion allied with his ulti.


This other jungle champion will give Kayn a good fight, as he has a very good ability to attack while using his ability to dodge when Kayn uses an area skill.

Kindred can make counter easy, as he has attack at a distance, mobility and his great Ulti that protects him.

Items that counter Kayn

Solar fire layer

This item (Object), burns Kayn while facing any tank. It helps to withstand Kayn’s attacks as he has armor and life.

Ice Deck

Since Kayn has movement speed with his skill «Shadow Pass» (E) this item (Object), it slows him down. It is also good as it gives life to the champion who poses it, to withstand Kayn’s attacks.

Hourglass Zhonya

This item (Object), helps a lot to what is Kayn’s ulti skill. Also giving armor to the champion who poses it to help reduce Kayn’s damage.

Height of thorns

This item (Object), returns the damage Kayn does to a champion body to body. This item (Object) is composed of life and armor, it helps Kayn’s endurance.

Filo de la noche

If you know how to kite with this item (Object), you will be able to dodge Kayn area skills. Also letting Kayn can’t give you a skill hit that can activate his ultimate skill on you.


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