Here I’ll be showing you how to counter Kennen. This League of Legends champion is quite good, as his skills make him very easy to use and make it possible for the user to run a game without problems. Kennen is a very complete champion, as in his abilities he has CC thanks to his passive, giving this a point in favor of the champion to face others. But here I’ll show you how to finish off the annoying Kennen.

Tips for dealing with Kennen

  • Keep your distance. Kennen is a champion who uses his skills and his basics to pokear with ease.
  • Use champions with CC. If Kennen stops first, he will not be able to start a successful fight.
  • They can’t all be stuck together. Kennen’s R is an area CC skill, if Kennen catches him at 5 it can be his end.
  • Kennen counter champions

    The following champions are the most recommended to face Kennen.

    Lee Sin

    This champion I recommend him in the Jungle, since he has abilities that can take out and reach Kennen in any attack attempt. If Kennen tries to enter with his R, Lee Sin also sends him his ultimate ability to drive him away. When Lee Sin kicks Kennen he can reach him with his Q and kill him. Lee Sin can also come out with his W ability from Kennen’s ultimate.


    Kennen is mostly a champion who plays in the TOP line, so I recommend Fiora. This champion has very good skills against Kennen, as is her W skill. Fiora’s W skill prevents damage or weakness that tries to hit Fiora. Thanks to this skill Fiora can activate it when Kennen hits his R, but directing it towards him to neutralize him.


    Annie and Kennen have 2 powerful pasives that rematch CCs when they have their charges completed. But Annie is different, she can hold on and wait for Kennen to attack or she will attack depressively to catch Kennen. If Kennen tries to enter with her R, Annie stops him with her passive and ends Kennen from her distance without danger.


    This is the ADC I most recommend against Kennen. Varus has great distance damage that can easily wear Kennen down. Also Varus’s R can stop Kennen from any attack attempt he makes. Varus’ ultimate ability, if it hits Kennen, can neutralize him and give him time to run out of Kennen’s ultimate.


    I recommend Janna as Support, as she can remove or stop Kennen from any attack attempt. Janna with her abilities like her Q and R return Kennen, when he goes to start a fight. If Kennen catches this champion’s ally, they won’t be serious for her, but she can come and tuck her R to get Kennen and his team out of the area where her ally is.

    Kennen counter items

    The following items are the most recommended when facing Kennen.

    Mercury Fajin

    This object removes any weakness in which the possessor finds himself when activated. If Kennen catches you with his ultimate or some combo, this item can get you out of there to avoid being caught and not being able to die.


    ZhonyasWhen this object is activated, it immunizes the possessor from any attack when used. Zhonyas can save you from all the CC Kennen has in his R. When activated this item does not allow you to launch only leaves you still immunized.

    Kennen counter spells

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