Here I’ll be showing you how to counter Leona. This champion is one of the best support League of Legends has, as she has a great CC and a great E that can move towards an enemy. But since all League of Legends champions aren’t perfect, here’s how to beat Leona very easily.

Tips for dealing with Leona

  • Use champions with mobility. This will help dodge Leona’s E and R.
  • It is necessary to use champions with CC. If Leona catches your ally, the CC can help keep him from being killed.
  • Hold a good position. If you are badly positioned you can be an easy victim for Leona.
  • Leona counter champions

    The following champions are the most recommended against Leona.


    This champion can reach his target without being stopped, as his ultimate does not allow him to receive CC. If Olaf tries to assassinate Leona’s ally ADC, Leona will not be able to stop him, as he can go on non-stop when he activates his R. Olaf jungle is highly recommended, as his gank can be excellent against a Leona. I advise you to use the R when Leona has hit you with her Q or R.


    Poppy can save her ally who was caught by Leona with her R. The ultimate Poppy, is that she prepares her hammer to hit the floor and send her enemies to the other side. This would help drive enemies away from Leona’s damage team. Poppy’s W skill also counter Leona’s E skill, as it can stop her if she hits that skill.


    This champion has a great shield that immunizes the champions that have been put CC. If Leona catches an ally of Morgana she can save him with this shield and also stop the enemies with her Q or R. If Leola catches an ally of Morgana it will not be so feasible, since if Morgana is there she can stop the enemies from damage with her Q or R. If Leola catches an ally of Morgana it will not be so feasible, because if Morgana is there she can stop the enemies from damage with her Q or R.


    If you don’t know which ADC to use against Leona I recommend you to this champion named Ezreal. This champion can dodge Leona’s E or R just by using his E. Ezreal’s E teleports him to a small location like a flash. In addition to being able to dodge, he can also mercilessly poke Leona from a good area.


    This champion can give an excellent peel to her allies, when Leona and her team try to catch them. Janna can protect her allies with her E skill by providing them with a shield. She can also stop Leona with her Q when she hits her E, if Leona catches Janna’s ally she can take out the enemies with her Ultimate and prevent them from killing him.

    Items (Objects) counter of Leona

    The following items have to be used to face Leona.



    This object can immunize the possessor when activated. It is very necessary to use Zhonyas, to avoid the definitive ability of Leona. Zhonyas has to be used when Leona is going to hit you her ultimate.

    Mercury Fajin

    This object removes any CC that has been granted to the one that has it when it is activated. If Leona catches you with her Q or R this item can get you out of that terrible situation. It is highly recommended for killer champions or ADCs.

    Remembrance of Lord Dominik

    This item deals +20% physical damage to the champions who possess it, when they attack the enemies who have more life. If you want to assassinate Leona, this item can help a lot to wear her life, since this item is a tank killer.

    Leona counter spells

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