In this guide I will be showing you how to counter Lulu. This champion is one of the best support that exist in the game, since her abilities allow her to give a good protection to her allies. Lulu’s ultimate ability is the most annoying thing there is, as it can increase the life she was given and neutralize nearby enemies. But here I’ll give you a few tips to face Lulu and recommend you some when champions to face her without problems.

Tips for dealing with Lulu

  • Use champions with movement skills to avoid Lulu’s pockeo. Lulu’s Q skill could do a lot of damage and W skill could catch you.
  • Don’t use definite time skill champions against her. If you use an ultimate that lasts long enough like Miss Fortune’s ultimate, Lulu will be able to cancel it with his W.
  • It is necessary to use CC against it. Lulu can give enough protection, but if she is stunned she won’t be able to protect her ally in time.
  • Lulu counter champions

    The following champions are the most recommended to face Lulu.


    He has CC’s in his Q and R abilities. Amumu’s passive is very good, as she can damage with true damage with her basic attacks for every ability she hits her enemies. Amumu’s ultimate ability is that he can entangle his enemies, causing them to become immobile.


    Maokai has very good catching skills. Maokai’s W skill allows him to move immune to a target and damage it, allowing this to trap Lulu so he doesn’t throw his ultimate.


    Annie’s Passive allows her every 4 skills she throws, to stun enemies touched by any skill. This is very important against Lulu, as they could delete her or prevent Lulu from launching her ultimate.


    This champion has a great ability that weakens Lulu in everything. Quinn’s Q ability allows her to blind enemies touched by her Q ability, allowing Lulu to throw his ultimate to an ally. Blindness, stunning and slowing down against Lulu is quite important.


    This champion can heal her allies and maintain a very good position. Also, this champion has a great ability that can silence enemies. Soraka’s ability E can silence and leave enemies trapped if they remain inside her.

    Lulu counter items

    The following objects are the most recommended to maintain a good confrontation against Lulu.

    Mercury Fajin

    This object removes from any weakness the champion who possesses it when activated. Lulu’s W skill allows you to turn selected enemy champions into a small animal. It is highly recommended for killer and ADC champions.


    ZhonyasThis object immunizes the champion who possesses it when activated. If Lulu manages to turn an enemy into an animal, the other allies will be able to attack them without any problems. It is highly recommended for magical champions.

    Malmortius jaws

    Malmortius jawsThis object provides a magical resistance shield that resists 300+1 magic damage, when the possessor reaches -30% of life. Lulu can damage enemies with enough magic damage, with his passive and Q ability.

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