In this guide I will be showing you how to counter Lux. This champion is very good and quite easy to use, as she can combear an enemy thanks to her Q ability she possesses. Lux’s Q skill immobilizes the target that was hit in order to make the combo easier. But here I’ll show you how to counter Lux.

Tips for dealing with Lux

  • Use champions from a distance. If you use Lux body to body champions it will not stop pokear and you will lose a lot of farm.
  • It is necessary to have mobility. Mobility helps dodge the Q de Lux or any other skill she throws that may affect it.
  • Uses CC. If Lux is trapped she won’t be able to do anything, as she doesn’t use mobility.

Champions counter de Lux

The following champions are the most recommended against Lux.


This champion is good enough from the jungle to face Lux, as he can reach her and avoid her Q with just one skill that is his W. Nocturne’s W skill can prevent him from being touched by any first skill that throws Lux. As Lux is slow she won’t be able to get out of Nocturne’s claws, as she also increases her movement speed with her Q.


Although this champion can dodge the Q of Lux by simply pressing her ability Q she can also avoid damage to the Q, E or R of Lux by just using her W. If in a given case Lux tries to combear Fiora she is only launching her ability W, to dodge all that damage and so survive. This ability can also save you from the Q of Lux.


This champion is the one I recommend the most, to be able to face Lux in a 1vs1. Vel’koz doesn’t need to hit enough, to be able to farmear nor to pokear, since it can do it from a better position. If Lux catches Vel Koz it won’t be useful at all, because if she tries to combear Vel Koz, he will be able to change her anyway.


This champion is the ADC I highly recommend against Lux, as she can reach Lux as well as dodge her abilities. Sivir is an ADC that can take care of Lux on its own, as it has a great ability that is her E. Sivir’s E ability turns the first ability she touches into mana.


In addition to having a very good passive of a great CC, he also possesses a great skill that can save lives. The Braum E can save the Lux objective from any ability or its passive in basic attack. The E of Braum cannot stop the ultimate of Lux, but the Q, W and E can. I recommend it to you to catch Lux and to defend yours.

With Yasuo it’s quite easy to beat Lux, as Yasuo with his wind wall can block 3 of his abilities, which are his Q, W and E, thus preventing Lux from performing his combo. In addition, Lux is a champion with little mobility and Yasuo having so much mobility, he can dodge the skills and it becomes too easy to kill her.

Items (Objects) counter de Lux

The following items have to be used in order to face Lux.

Jaws of Marmoltius

Malmortius jawsThis object avoids 300+1 magic damage when the owner has -30% life. If Lux combats a champion who has this item, she won’t be able to do the big damage she thinks she’ll be able to do. That’s why I recommend this item but in AD champions.

Mercury Fajin

This item can remove any weakness in which the possessor is found when activated. If Lux has caught you with her Q you can get out thanks to this object without problems. It is very necessary for ADC champions or killers.


ZhonyasZhonyas can render the possessor immune when activated, but does not allow spells or anything else to be cast while the Zhonyas is activated. You have to wait for the precise moment when Lux is going to combo you, so that she loses everything when you activate her.

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