Malphite is one of the most feared champions of League of Legends, as he has a great delete power when he does very well in the game. This great rock, like all League of Legends champions, has its weak point, becoming a piece of stone when faced with champions who counteract it. Below I’ll show you which champions counter Malphite and a few tips to help you in the game.

Advice to face Malphite

  • If in the selection you touch an enemy Malphite, play passive to pharm and arm yourself properly. (Items help a lot in a game)
  • Use endurance champions, never pick up papers against it from the beginning, as it can delete you very easily.
  • Use pokeo champions. Malphite although it’s a tank and holds many blows is a slow thing to farmear, being this a factor to take advantage.
  • Watch out for his lvl 6 and your lifeless champion.
  • In the mid game don’t group yourself too close to your allies, because you can grab them all are their ulti.
  • Malphite counter champions

    These are the champions I highly recommend when it comes to finishing off Malphite. These champions possess great skills that become immune to Malphite.


    Trundle has good resistance against this and good ice skills. As we know Malphite is slow in his mobility, against Trundle this will be slower than a turtle, causing it to spend its utimate unnecessarily to escape.


    Rumble is pretty good also against Malphite, as Malphite is melee and slow is a plus point for Rumble, as he has a large R that causes magic damage that is +30 of ability power, causing much more damage as he spends time 130/185/240 damage to the one in his R zone, it also decreases mobility to the one in his zone. This utimate ends all League of Legends melee without mobility.


    This bone shredder is very strong against Malphite, as Illaoi pharmacies fast and resists in line causing no body to body to finish with her very easily. Illaoi waits for Malphite to throw his E and R and finish him in a few simple blows of utimate. If you use this champion arm yourself properly, so as to get a lot of advantage to Malphite.


    This champion has good skills to face Malphite, Yorick with his Q causes damage and healing as well as when it hits, being this that the little damage that Malphite does to the champions that damages quarpo to body is nothing against this. Yorick with his W can throw it when Malphite throws his R. This is a waste of time for Malphite to keep moving forward.

    Malphite counter items

    Rylai crystal scepter

    This item is quite good against Malphite, as it neutralizes the mobility of those who are reached by some skill of a magician. This helps a lot when Malphite is in a situation without R it will be quite easy to end up with Malphite being slower.

    Filo de la noche

    If this item is used very well it can immunize from the R of Malphite to the one who possesses it. This item is highly recommended for adc or murderous roles.

    Other recommended guides to make other counter