In this guide I will be showing you how to counter Master Yi. This League of Legends champion is very annoying, because if this champion is played excellently he can carry alone. Master Yi as well as more League of Legends champions, has his weak point so in this guide I will give you advice and show you which champions I recommend to face him.

Tips for facing Master Yi

  • Use champions with CC
  • Avoid being short of life when Yi is near your line
  • Try that the team doesn’t give kill to Maestro Yi and help to the line where Yi is
  • Try to make the view of the map more visible
  • Counter Champions of Maestro Yi

    These are the most recommended champions when you go to see a Yi Master in the game. These recommended champions have good CC skills that help a lot in the game, to be able to stop Yi and prevent him from getting away with it.


    Rammus thanks to his E and passive makes Master Yi nothing in the game. This champion increases the armor and magic resistance when his W is activated and returning damage to the one that causes damage. Rammus uses as main item Thorns Cota, being this a very useful object against Master Yi.


    This champion is also highly recommended in order to put an end to Master Yi. Jax has great damage and great skills that counter Yi in everything. This champion and his ability E facilitates Yi’s death, as this ability immunizes the damage that Jax receives when activated. Jax also has a large R that strengthens his armor and magic resistance for a moment.


    This support is also highly recommended, for when this a Yi in the game. Braum and its great passive gives a key point, to stop the Master Yi and thus give time to the allied team, to end this very easily. Braum can stop Yi with his R when Master Yi has already reached the ADC or some other ally in the clutches of his death.


    Malzahar helps quite a bit in the game with his R and his great pokeo of E and Q. Yi against Malzahar is difficult for him, as those who play Malzahar will know who to throw their R to. Yi is weak when he is stopped and unable to throw skills or attack with his great attack speed damage. I recommend this champion to you, to seek Yi’s death.

    Items (Objects) counter of Maestro Yi

    Height of Thorns

    Height of Thorns

    This item causes damage when the possessor is hit. This item is highly recommended for champions who recommend you as Braum and Rammus, to be able to resist Master Yi and help with the damage that can cause the death of Yi.

    Rylai Crystal Scepter

    Yi possesses a great skill that is his R, which gives him speed of movement and attack. This item causes Yi to lose a percentage of that displacement, when it is reached by some skill of some magician as the recommended Malzahar.

    Presage of Randuin

    This object is also necessary against Yi. Presagio reduces the attack speed by 15% when Yi attacks the possessor. It also reduces the movement of those who are hit when this item is activated.

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