Here in this guide I will show you how to counter Mordekaiser. This champion besides the good damage he has, can also protect himself from the damage he receives.

Tips for dealing with Mordekaiser

  • Champions who have dash skills can be helpful in dodging their Q, such as Riven, Lucian, Graves, Vayne.
  • Use serious injury items to reduce the healing of Mordekaiser’s «Indestructible» skill.
  • Use champions at a distance against him. It’s much better to play him at a distance, as that will make it harder for him to hit his skills.
  • It is necessary to use skills with displacement. This helps to get away from him, when he is hitting his R and you are short of life.
  • Mordekaiser counter champions

    The following champions are the most recommended against Mordekaiser.


    Skarner’s E skill allows him to slow down hit enemies and stun them over time. This allows Mordekaiser not to launch skills and not activate his passive, also the R of Skarner helps not to activate, as it freezes it and moves it where it wants.


    This champion is the one I recommend the most against Mordekaiser, since he can attack from a good distance thanks to his passive. When Mordekaiser is worn out with Jayce’s great pokeo, he can come in and finish him off without any problems with his hammer. If in a given case Mordekaiser tries to beat Jayce in a hand-to-hand combat, Jayce only pushes him away with his hammer with his skill E.


    This champion has very good skills to face Mordekaiser. The Q of Lux helps a lot so that they can kill Mordekaiser from a good area without this cast spells. It is a very good pick against Mordekaiser, as it can catch him and cause him a lot of damage from far away, thus avoiding damage in return.


    This champion can attack Mordekaiser from a great distance and stop him with her traps when he tries to approach. Caitlyn’s Passive destroys Mordekaiser’s Passive but does not cause her any great damage. It is necessary to use Caitlyn against Mordekaiser if you know which ADC champion to use.


    This champion can save the lives of her allies from Mordekaiser’s claws. Besides that her healings make a great counter to the ultimate of Mordekaiser, it also neutralizes him. Soraka’s E skill allows him to silence enemies and leave him trapped if they last a while in that skill. This skill helps Mordekaiser not to launch skills and not to be passive.

    Items (objects) counter of Mordekaiser

    The following items must be used against Mordekaiser.

    Call of the Executioner

    This object decreases the healing of enemies, when they are hit by the one who owns it. The ultimate of Mordekaiser steals life as time goes by, but thanks to this item that healing although it is somewhat weak will be even weaker.


    This object makes the champion who owns it immune when activated. If Mordekaiser wears you down and leaves you the ultimate post to auction you off, this item can save you. When you are at the limit of dying for the ultimate of Mordekaiser activate this item passes save you.

    Mordekaiser counter spells

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