In this guide I will be showing you how to counter Morgana. This League of Legends champion is one of the best champions and one of the most used in the game, as she has excellent skills that help a lot in the game. Morgana’s skills make it easy to face head-to-head champions and also champions who have neutralization or stun abilities. But here I’ll give you a few tips and recommend a few champions, so you can face it and finish it.

Tips for dealing with Morgana

  • Use scrolling champions. Morgana’s Q or R skill can catch you, but a good move can avoid being caught by those skills.
  • Don’t spend CC skills when your shield is visible. Morgana’s E ability is a shield, which allows it to withstand any neutralization or disruption.
  • Avoid Morgana’s W ability. Morgana’s passive ability allows her to heal each time her skills touch enemies. That’s why Morgana’s W skill damages enemies in that area allowing her to heal more.
  • Morgana counter champions

    The following champions are the most recommended to face Morgana without problems.


    This champion I recommend jungle when facing Morgana, because he has excellent skills that can help win a game against her. Kha’Zix’s E skill allows him to fly out into any area, allowing him to easily get out of Morgana’s ultimate. If this skill is evolved it can fly much better.


    This champion is recommended TOP, as he has a very good ability to face Morgana. Gangplank’s W skill allows him to heal and dissipate any skill that makes him weak. It is recommended to launch this skill when Morgana catches him with her Q or her R.


    This champion can face Morgana, as he possesses very good skills that can make him useful in a confrontation. Vladimir’s W skill allows him immunity, allowing him to damage and dodge any skill when he is in that role. Vladimir’s W ability can avoid Morgana’s ultimate ability if it was thrown much earlier than Morgana’s R. Vladimir’s W ability can avoid Morgana’s ultimate ability if it was thrown much earlier than Morgana’s R. Vladimir’s W ability can avoid Morgana’s ultimate ability if it was thrown much earlier than Morgana’s R.


    This champion is the most recommended ADC, as her E skill allows her to hold on to any skill. This Sivir’s E skill can dissipate any of Morgana’s skills by turning them into mana. If this ability was launched at the moment Morgana wants to launch her ultimate, this ability can make that ability touch her.


    This champion is the most recommended support to give a good peel to his allies, when it comes to a morgana. Janna’s E skill allows her to have a shield that can protect any ally that was captured by Morgana. Also Janna’s definitive ability, can remove Morgana’s allies when they try to attack Morgana’s ally who was caught.

    Morgana counter items

    The following items have to be used to maintain a better confrontation against Morgana.

    Mercury Fajin

    This object allows that when it is activated, it removes the champion that has it from any weakness in which it is. Morgana’s Q and R ability can catch you easily, but by activating this item you can get out of that situation.

    Malmortius jaws

    Malmortius jaws

    Morgana is a champion who has a lot of magic damage, so I recommend this item to take a lot of magic damage. This item, when the owner reaches -30% of life, gives her a shield that allows her to withstand 300+1 magic damage.


    ZhonyasThis object when activated allows immunity to the champion who owns it. Morgana’s Q or R ability can be nothing against this item, as you won’t be trapped by those abilities. I recommend that you activate it better in its ultimate ability.

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