Nasus is a champion who is quite good, as his Q gives him accumulations that allow him much more damage if the target that is hit by this ability dies. This champion like all League of Legends champions has its drawbacks and here I’ll show you those drawbacks to beat him.

Tips for dealing with Nasus

  • Use champions of good pokeo. The pokeo helps Nasus not to farme and take advantage.
  • Don’t make him body to body with enough accumulations. It is necessary to see its accumulations to know if you can face it.
  • Use mobility. The displacement helps Nasus not reach you and hit you with his Q.
  • He avoids fighting on his E and being touched by his W. Nasus’ E ability reduces armor and W reduces movement speed.
  • Nasus counter champions

    The following champions are the most recommended against Nasus. Nami


    This champion and her great damage can destroy Nasus like nothing else. Also Vi’s Q and R skill helps Nasus stop if he is killing an ally. Vi’s passive helps her a lot, as it gives her a shield when she touches an enemy with each of her abilities. Vi’s W shatters the enemy’s armor, giving her this much advantage when Nasus throws his R.


    This champion is pretty good against champions without mobility and body to body. Rumble can poke Nasus with his Q and prevent him from getting close with his E. If Nasus wants a 1vs1 fight against Rumble it won’t be a very good idea for Nasus. The Rumble R increases its damage while enemies are in the area affected by this ultimate.


    Azir can damage Nasus from a very good distance and prevent this pharme his Q. Since he can poke Nasus very easily, he can also remove him with his R from any attack attempt he wants to make. Azir can face Nasus without problems, to prevent him from getting away with it.


    If you don’t know which ADC to face Nasus with, I recommend Lucian. This champion can move and attack Nasus without problems. Also Lucian’s passive helps a lot to wear Nasus down, as Nasus is close to him and Lucian at a distance can throw him his easier skills to activate his basic doubles.


    This champion can give a great peel to her ally thanks to her skills. As we know Nasus is very slow and Nasus abilities neutralize him if he is touched by one. Nami’s passive can help an ally get out of Nasus’ clutches, as this passive gives movement speed if the ally is touched by Nami’s ability.

    Nasus counter items

    The following items have to be used against Nasus to take advantage.

    Rylai Crystal Scepter

    This object slows the enemy’s movement if the possessor hits it with a damage skill. Nasus will cost you to reach your enemies with this item neutralizing your feet, it is very necessary to annoy Nasus enough.

    Deadly Reminder

    This item provides more damage and decreases healing to enemies when they are hit by the possessor. This item helps Nasus’ passive and ultimate, as his passive heals him and his R increases his life.

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